27 Things America Does That The U.K. Needs To Start Doing

    Buck up, Britain.

    1. There are certain things Americans do so much better than us. Like make truly epic TV dramas.

    That are brilliantly acted.

    And written like great, sprawling novels.

    Meanwhile, what do we get? Downton Abbey.

    2. Speaking of TV, America makes cartoons grown-ups can enjoy.

    3. Then there's Thanksgiving. Obviously.

    4. The American tipping system rules.

    5. Particularly in bars.

    6. And while we're at it - dollar bills.

    7. Plus, when you get a drink in America, it's a generous measure, not a stingy one.

    8. Magazines like these.

    9. The way childhood is full of special rituals you remember for ever.

    10. Crucially, America has a leader who can pull off stuff like this.

    And this.

    We could go on.

    Whereas... yup.

    11. America produces proper pop stars.

    Y'know, who can dance without falling over.

    12. We haven't even mentioned nature yet. Can we have some redwoods please?

    13. The US boasts vast stretches of genuine wilderness, populated by cool animals.

    14. Yes America, there's much to admire about you. Like your weed laws.

    15. Your Brown Ale appreciation.

    16. And your deep and abiding love of bacon.

    17. Which reminds us - breakfast! Americans give this meal the respect it deserves.

    18. They are tireless culinary innovators. Just look at the cronut.

    19. Oh yeah, and pickles. Pickles are key.

    20. We might not care much for American sports. But what about those half-time shows? Wow.

    21. This.

    22. Some of those endless open roads would be good.

    23. Britain could do with some classic rock radio stations, too.

    24. Not to mention cities that just sound cool.

    Major American cities are so romantic, they get songs named after them. That just wouldn't work in Britain.

    25. But what we could really do with copying from our trans-Atlantic cousins is a little bit of that famous positivity. In sports...

    26. On the news...

    27. And just in life in general.

    Good job, America.