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27 Things America Does That The U.K. Needs To Start Doing

Buck up, Britain.

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12. We haven't even mentioned nature yet. Can we have some redwoods please?

It's not just Burger King portions and cars that America does big. It's their trees. The Redwoods in California can live for 2000 years, and at least one of them is taller than Big Ben.

14. Yes America, there's much to admire about you. Like your weed laws.

Many American states have or are debating adopting a far more progressive attitude towards marijuana use than exists in the UK - great news if you're a moderate or medicinal user. Or, let's face it, a total pot head. Learn more by reading this article in The Atlantic.

15. Your Brown Ale appreciation.


Everyone knows American beer is flavourless pish. But at least they appreciate Britain's most undervalued ale. 'Newky Broon' is widely available on tap, and the Yanks drink half of the entire quantity we produce.

16. And your deep and abiding love of bacon.

Why the hell are we just using bacon for sandwiches like a bunch of idiots when we could be putting it in sweets, drinks, cosmetics and medical equipment?!

17. Which reminds us - breakfast! Americans give this meal the respect it deserves.

Obviously, the full English breakfast is the greatest breakfast in the world, and the American propensity to lace it with sugar is an act of unforgivable sacrilege.

On the other hand, if you do have a sweet tooth in the morning, where better to be than the country that invented the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich, described variously as "the ultimate hangover breakfast”, “the new heroin,” and “basically, death”?

18. They are tireless culinary innovators. Just look at the cronut.

While we're on about sweets, America is still innovating in that particular field, recently creating a croissant and doughnut hybrid. So far no one in the UK has figured out how to make one.

23. Britain could do with some classic rock radio stations, too.

You can't touch the dial on your car radio in America without a blast of Guns N Roses, AC/DC or Zeppelin turning your boring drive into a free spirited road trip. Take note, BBC.

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