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16 Reasons "Camp Takota" Should Be Your Date On Valentine's Day

"Camp Takota," a film starring YouTube's beloved Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart comes out on February 14. Here's why they think it should be your date!

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BuzzFeed had a chat with these funny ladies, and here's why they think you should see their new movie:

2. It'll make you laugh, like a good Valentine should.


3. Because this trailer will make you very pumped to watch the movie - kind of like flirting before going on a date. Y'know, visual foreplay*.

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(*"Visual foreplay" may or may not be a thing.)

4. It'll get you exactly what you want, instead of a lame-o teddy bear.

"You're totally over getting bad gifts," said Grace.


8. Seeing true friendships on screen will inspire you to make true friendships off screen.

Some scenes were "very natural, like they're actually friends, or something," Mamrie said.

"And they were supernatural," said Hannah, "because we fly in them!"


10. You can tell this movie is beloved by its parents, which is a good sign.

Camp Takota / TOP BUNK LLC

"The entire cast and crew was so positive, and nice and pleasant," said Grace. "Long work days didn’t feel too long."

11. You already know a lot about it, so you feel comfortable jumping into this date.

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Thanks to Grace's old behind-the-scenes vlogs, you can get a little bit of the secrets behind shooting the film.

But you should go follow her current channel instead.


13. It won't be afraid to make dirty jokes around you. It knows you can handle it.

"Because chocolate doesn't make shart jokes," Mamrie explained, about the other gifts you might get.

Too true, too true.


Just watched Camp Takota...Congrats @gracehelbig @mametown @harto!! Fantastic job! Y'all make me smile as much as a shirtless @chestersee

Cash Warren@CashWarren

Just watched Camp Takota...Congrats @gracehelbig @mametown @harto!! Fantastic job! Y'all make me smile as much as a shirtless @chestersee

01:52 AM - 7 Feb 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

15. Do you miss experiencing real human emotions and feelings? Because this film can give them back to you.

It gave the cast the chance to "connect like humans used to connect millions of years of ago," said Hannah. It was filmed in practically a real live desert, you guys, with basically zero cell reception. It was a "welcome break from Candy Crush," according to Mamrie.

16. And because we all could use a relationship from camp back in our lives.

Camp Takota / TOP BUNK LLC

Honestly, it's the "closest you'll get to an actual date" with any of these ladies, Mamrie said.

You can still pre-order the movie, check out the adorable care packages, and get ready for the best way to spend Valentine's Day: at camp!