30 Hilarious Truth Bombs Amy Poehler Dropped During Her Reddit AMA

    "Adam Scott smells like... lemons and possibility. Future and peppermint. Loyalty and vanilla ice cream." Amy Poehler A'd a few Q's to celebrate the release of her book Yes, Please.

    Amy Poehler took to Reddit to promote her new book, Yes Please. Check out her hilarious answers to fan questions below!

    1. She proved waffles are not more important than friendship after all:

    2. She's all about dat leather:

    3. She's a lady of simplicity:

    4. She's sometimes worried her "mouth is gonna break" thanks to all of Leslie Knope's words:

    5. She's wise to your tricks, Offerman:

    6. She's a chips and salsa kind of gal:

    7. She loves her some Judge Judy (and Broad City):

    8. She knows EXACTLY what Adam Scott smells like:

    9. She still performs with UCB whenever she can:

    10. She wisely knows not to give weirdos any ideas:

    11. Her choice of a hypothetical Drunk History character is badass:

    12. She likes a good jokey dino:

    13. She knows where she stands on the hard issues:

    14. She's confident in her mad rap game:

    15. She spells it "Jerry":

    16. She knows she'd play an amazing Penelope Cruz:

    17. She's aware of all the jokes you've made about her last name:

    18. She's learned to "go big or go home" from the character of Leslie Knope:

    19. She doesn't sweat the small stuff:

    20. She loves the "Debbie Downer" sketch from SNL:

    21. She's Team Cocktail Sauce, ALL THE WAY:

    22. She's secure in her choice of favorite movie (hint: it's The Jerk):

    23. She's humble:

    24. She's planning on taking Smart Girls at the Party more international:

    25. She's got a kick-ass karaoke song all picked out:

    26. She knows how to get AMPED:

    27. She's got some top-notch taste in '80s music:

    For your listening pleasure:

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    28. She's acutely suspicious of her co-workers:

    29. She's pretty over orange Tic Tacs, and doesn't care who knows it:

    30. She gives great birthday advice:

    Thank you for all your wisdom, Amy!