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    Thousands Of People Are Obsessed With This $30 Handheld Pet-Hair Vacuum

    I feel *blessed* to have this vacuum in my life.

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    Hello, (p)awesome people! I'm Sam, a dog mom. My top three phrases used to be: 1) "I think I just ate a fur." 2) "There's an invisible fur that's tickling my face." 3) "It's snowing! Just kidding, my dog was just shaking it off."


    I'm sure many other pet parents can relate.

    The turning point of my long battle with fur and dust: when I got my hands on this Bissell Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum. (Spoiler alert: I WON!)

    Amazon, Samantha Yang / BuzzFeed

    Smaller than you expected? Don't be fooled, this baby is a BEAST.

    The lightweight 4.2 lb. vacuum comes with two interchangeable nozzles: A flexible rubber nozzle designed to easily attract and pick up pet hair, and a hard nozzle to clean dry messes (like cat litter) or the inside of automobiles. The convenience factor of this vacuum is like no other — reach any corner with its long 16-foot cord and dump out the waste with minimal effort thanks to the bagless design.

    Tip: Empty the waste container after each use to maximize the vacuum's performance.

    I am not the only one obsessed with this thing. Over 5,000 people are absolutely loving this power machine! I'm just waiting for this vacuum to put a ring on it.


    "Researched multiple consumer reviews for handheld vacs and this one consistently came out on top against some high-end competitors. It works great sucking up dog hairs off of furniture and it's lightweight, which makes it easy to clean dust boards, walls, crevices, etc. I appreciate the long cord and the attachments that came with it. Additionally, it's super easy to clean. At the time of purchase, Amazon had the best price." —Lucy Noss

    "I didn't buy a handheld vacuum to clean my hardwood floors, I bought it to get the pet hair out of my couch. And for that, it works like a charm. If you use this for your furniture such as couches, ottomans, and other fabrics the result is amazing. I have a cat who loses fur every time you touch her and a dog with medium-length fur that basically has needlepoint ends (literally, his hair has embedded itself into the bottom of our feet). I've tried everything, and nothing has satisfied my needs for cleanliness like this vacuum." —bmwbmwbmw

    "The best part is the rubber hair nozzle. It gets alllll the hair off of furniture, the bed, the fabric shower curtain, rugs, clothes, bed, everything! I used to use sticky lint rollers but that was time-consuming and also a waste. This is so much faster and it actually gets off way more hair too. It is powerful, not too heavy, super great at picking up pets' messes, it has a long cord, it’s easy to dump the debris (no bags either), and it has a cleanable filter. I thought I wanted a cordless vacuum, but after looking at reviews of all the more expensive handhelds, the biggest complaint was always with charging." —Bianca Borris

    What my bed looks like when I comb my pup, unfortunately:

    Samantha Yang / BuzzFeed

    I sleep in fur. I eat fur. I breathe fur. Honestly, I wouldn't even be surprised if I poop fur.

    This is after 15 seconds (!!!) of vacuuming. Check out this baby in action. That's what I call INSTANT gratification. BAM.

    Samantha Yang / BuzzFeed

    This vacuum performs best on upholstery, auto interiors, carpeted stairs, and bedsheets.

    Let's just look at some more before-and-after pictures using this thing, because they're so darn satisfying.

    "I have a short-haired dog who is constantly shedding. I have tried sprays, brushes, and another pet -air vacuum and nothing would get the hair out of the trunk. I used this Bissell and within 15 minutes all the hair was gone!" —Charisse B.

    How do you take your couch and cushion? Half-and-half?,

    "The photo speaks for itself — as easy as wiping a cloth. This is microfiber, only took 60 seconds to clean the whole thing. Natural cotton/wool couch required a bit more elbow grease, but also came fairly clean in about 10 minutes." —Hannah

    Cat towers don't stand a chance against this vacuum either!

    "Bought this to clean my cat stand, which was turning into a gorilla. I was somewhat skeptical at first but this worked perfectly and easily." —Masters

    Okay, maybe this reviewer might love it a little bit more than I do.

    "This product is WORTH👏🏼EVERY👏🏼 DAMN👏🏼PENNY👏🏼! I’ve had this for a few months and it’s a necessary part of my weekly cleaning." —Joey R

    Fur-reals, though. this vacuum is so awesome, it'll make you want to dance. Like the last reviewer said, "Get you this bad girl on Amazon" for $29.99.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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