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    21 Dirt Destroying Vacuums That People Actually Swear By

    Get ready to have the cleanest floor of all time.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Bissell wet/dry vac that'll clean up your hard floors and area rugs with ease.

    Features: dual-action brushroll to simultaneously mop and pick up dry debris, smart-touch controls, moisture-control trigger, dirt tank capacity 20.6 oz.,

    water tank capacity 28 oz. (multi-surface cleaning formula included)

    Promising review: "Before I found this little beauty, every single day I would sweep, dust mop, and wet mop my tile floors trying to keep up with the hair our two dogs shed everywhere possible (I swear they do it on purpose)! It was a good three hours every day, and it never got the hair all picked up. With the Crosswave, one pass in the afternoon and all the hair is up, and the floors look and smell fantastic. It's also really wonderful in my son's bathroom (if you have sons, you know how funky they can get). I also use it on bedroom carpets a couple times a week, and our bedrooms smell so fresh. I recommend this to anyone who will listen – my best friend got one and loves it as well. You won't regret it!" –RT

    Get it from Kohl's for $219.99 (on sale, down from $299.99).

    2. A corded VonHaus two-in-one vac so you can reach all the crevices and shock your guests with how clean your hardwood/tile floors are.

    Features: HEPA filter, 43 oz. dirt tank capacity

    Vacuum attachments: crevice tool, small brush attachment for handheld, hose adaptor, shoulder strap

    Promising review: "This vacuum is a great little product. My floors look so clean, that when my mother dropped by she didn't even criticize. I felt like something was missing because we didn't have an argument about unsolicited feedback. It took me maybe 60 seconds to put together – super easy and intuitive to set up, although directions are included. The floor attachment is clearly for hardwood/tile. Even though I'd been expecting it from the reviews, I still didn't think such a small, light vac would be so powerful. It's like a jet engine on a stick. This vac is LIGHT. I have some major lower-back issues, and this is no problem at all for me to handle. It stands on its own, so you can park it without fear it will tip over. Update (nearly two years later): I still love this vac, and it still works as well as the day I bought it. I'm going to buy another for my husband, who keeps swiping mine to take to his office to vac his very low-nap carpet (the kind that's almost like cement on the floor. This doesn't work so well on other carpets)." –Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95.

    3. A good ol' Hoover HEPA bagged vacuum and canister for anyone who is in need of a vac to withstand the test of time.

    Features: illuminated fingertip controls, two speeds, self-sealing HEPA bag, check-bag indicator, large capacity bag

    Promising review: "I was looking for a particular product in my purchase history and noticed this vacuum I purchased in 2010. It is now 2016 and I *still* have the vacuum and accompanying canister vac. I still use it in everyday life. It still works as well as the day I bought it. So the longevity of the vacuum can definitely be spoken of here. I am still easily able to get bags for these vacuums. I have had NO problems with this vacuum whatsoever. I do not even think I have changed a belt on it. It has never clogged. The suction is still as good as it was the day I bought it. I also bought this vacuum because I have dust mite allergies, and most vacuums make me sick because they blow back dust particles as you vacuum. This one does not do that. I love the HEPA bags and the way it closes the bag before you take it off. Less to no dust for me to breath. I loved this vacuum so much that my boss bought one, and my coworker bought one. So if you are considering buying this, know that it withstands the test of time." –Cedar Grove Ranch

    Get it from Amazon for $245.65.

    4. A lightweight Bissell vacuum ready to pick up the dirt higher priced vacs leave behind.

    Features: washable filter, adjustable height, multi-cyclonic, open foot window, easy-empty dirt container, cord wrap hooks, large capacity dirt bin

    Vacuum attachments: rotating brush turbine tool, stretch hose, dusting brush, crevice tool

    Promising review: "This vacuum is awesome, it showed me how much of a pig I am. I was borrowing a high price vacuum, did some vacuuming not too long ago – can't believe what the other vacuum left behind. This vacuum picked up everything. SO glad I bought this. Buy this vacuum. It's also very light, and easy to push." –Leon37

    Get it from Target for $69.99 (on sale, down from $79.99).

    5. A powerful Hoover vacuum with a retractable cord and a dirt destroying wind tunnel. You just may throw out all your ~other~ vacs.|adaptpdph1|related_prods_vv|adaptpdph1|52071226|2

    Features: two rear wheels, adjustable height, automatic cord rewind, brush on/off switch, carry handle, clean filter indicator, easy-empty dirt container, lifetime filter, motorized brush roll, multi-cyclonic

    Vacuum attachments: crevice tool, long reach hose, stretch hose, telescope reach wand, turbobrush, dusting brush

    Promising review: "I ordered this vacuum to replace my nine-year-old Dyson. The junk it picked up is AMAZING! I absolutely love how the cord wraps itself. It's not loud or heavy as the reviews stated. The suction on both carpet and tile is just as good, if not better, than my Dyson. All the attachments are an extra plus too. As a matter of fact it worked so well, I threw away my handheld dust buster!" –AEMOMMA

    Get it from Amazon for $97.95.

    6. A bagless Bissell canister vacuum that'll basically serve as a pet hair–eating monster.

    Features: bagless, multi-surface cleaning, automatic cord rewind, air flow regulator

    Vacuum attachments: combination crevice tool/dusting brush

    Promising review: "I literally use this vacuum every day to sweep my huge hardwood floor house. I have four dogs, a cat, a husband that doesn't remove shoes when entering the house – and cuts grass for a living. This little vacuum cleans EVERYTHING! I empty the container, brush out the filter, and I’m good to go! We use it to vacuum our cars and trucks, dust curtains, the steps, the cobwebs, nasty bugs from the walls, and I can even reach the vents on the bathroom ceilings. I vacuumed the air conditioner filters and much much more with this inexpensive little thing! I when the filter gets really bad, I wash it under the sink and use a fingernail brush to clean it really good, and then put in the sun to dry. I haven’t even had to replace it. I’ve purchased some attachments according to my needs, but when I see people spending $300 or more on a vacuumed I laugh because I know mine is better." –taylor

    Get it from Amazon for $64.80.

    7. A cute, portable Shop-Vac worthy of keeping around the garage or in the car – it can suck up liquid spills, sawdust, fireplace ashes, puddles, and more.

    Features: fold down–top carry handle, wall-bracket, wet or dry pickup

    Promising review: "I'm giving five stars as this item did everything I expected. It is easy to move, handle, and use. It is small enough to maneuver around my car, yet powerful enough to pull the tough stuff from the carpet. Great not to have to drop quarters at the car wash. I would recommend this Shop-Vac." –Noel

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (on sale, down from $37.80).

    8. A Dyson cordless vacuum that becomes another super lightweight, powerful vacuum for anyone who wants to clean like a Jetson.

    Features: HEPA filter, multi-surface, detachable handheld, hygienic dirt ejector, up to 40 minutes run time, takes four hours to reach full charge.

    Promising review: "It's less than two weeks since I received this – and I am now a vacuum nerd. With three shedding dogs who track in dirt, this vacuum is a back saver. My previous vacuum did a great job, but was traditional canister/corded – sometimes 'dragging out' the vacuum felt like a pain – especially since I have to do it so frequently. Needless to say I didn't always keep up the way I should have. Now it's easy peasy! The biggest surprise is the floors feel like they stay cleaner longer, or perhaps the extreme power of this vacuum on the floors (we have all hardwood and a little ceramic tile) picked up what my old vacuum was leaving behind. Either way, this is a dream come true. Expensive, but worth it if you have dogs and/or kids who track stuff into the house." –SandraJ

    Get it from Amazon for $449.

    9. A swiveling Severin vac with a detachable handheld so you can eliminate dust bunnies everywhere.

    Features: two speed, detachable handheld, 180-degree highly maneuverable swivel joint, push-button bin, up to 30 minute run time, takes three hours to reach full charge

    Vacuum attachments: 14-inch extension adaptor for overhead-cleaning, two-in-one flex tool

    Promising review: "I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I have mostly laminate floors and dust bunnies appear out of nowhere. I pull out this little vacuum and they are gone in a second. It's lightweight – easy to handle (I'm 80 years old), and what areas I can't reach on the floor, I just pull out the element and suck it right up. No cord to trip over! Dog hair on the couch NO MORE. When you're done, put it easily back in it's charger. Frankly, I'm in disbelief that any vacuum could be this amazing and why I didn't order one before this." –June Parker Beck

    Get it from Amazon for $118.88.

    10. A Roomba robot vacuum so smart, it will clean the whole house while you sit back and watch.

    Features: iRobot HOME App to schedule cleaning from your smartphone; compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, runs up to 120 minutes, automatically recharges and resumes cleaning (recharge time varies), uses visual localization to clean an entire floor

    Promising review: "I debated whether or not to pay the extra $200 for the Roomba 980 over the 960, and in short, I am glad that I did. Our main floor is 2,000 sq. ft., mostly hardwoods, although we have some carpet and rugs. Even with the longer battery life, the 980 ends up taking a couple of trips (separated by about an hour on the charging station) in order to complete the job; and is done by the time we get home from work. It does a great job on both hardwoods and carpet — you can hear the difference as it kicks into 10X suction for the carpet. It's navigated our house now, and it's amazing to see how it now 'knows' where it is as it goes about its work — even managed to clean under our bed, a place that hasn't been cleaned since we moved in. The Roomba 980 has made our lives easier, buying us time to do other things we enjoy, rather than the daily cleaning up of floors." –FRANK22

    Get it from Bed Bath & Beyond $899 or Overstock for $899 (on sale, down from $1,148.53).

    11. And an earlier version of the Roomba to suck up all the pet hair hiding under the couch (for a lesser price).

    Features: iRobot HOME App to schedule cleaning from your smartphone; compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, smart sensors to avoid furniture, runs up to 90 mintues, automatically recharges (recharge time varies)

    Promising review: "Seriously! This thing has been a lifesaver. We recently built a decent sized home, and our downstairs is around 2800 sq ft. Keeping up on vacuuming/sweeping was almost impossible with two young kids, a cat, and a dog! My mom talked me into one of these, she swore by it. I was super skeptical of spending $330 on a machine that I may need to sweep up after frequently. I haven't touched a vacuum in two weeks! This thing picks up nearly EVERYTHING that falls on the floor! It picks up MORE than sweeping. Every other day when we empty the bin, there is so much more than just the crumbs the kids drop. This thing goes under our couch. Ask yourself – how often do you successfully vacuum under the couch? The 690 also navigates around multiple chairs very well. The 690 isn't perfect. We have a large rug in our GreatRoom and it won't go onto the rug. It's not that tall of a lip either. But I'm okay with that because 98% of the other surfaces are clean. This thing is well worth the $330+. I'd buy it again in a heart beat." –T. Smith

    Get it from Amazon for $324.99.

    12. A lightweight, dust eating Eureka vac that'll prove they still make vacuums just as good as they were in the olden days.

    Features: on/off brushroll switch (for multi-surface), large capacity dirt bin

    Vacuum attachments: crevice tool, stair tool, stretch hose, dusting brush

    Promising review: "I spent nearly a month reading reviews and looking for a vacuum in my price range that could do all I wanted. I wanted powerful suction, versatility so I could turn the brush roller off when doing my hardwoods, and it has the crevice tool, dusting brush, and stair tool, which I needed to do the job here. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much stuff it sucks up, and how often I have to empty the canister. I vacuumed the whole house today, and I had to empty the canister five times because it filled up so fast. I did not expect to see so much dust, dirt, and pet hair. It is lightweight compared to my last vacuum, but it does a better job of cleaning. I do wish the cord was longer, but that is my only complaint at this point. This vacuum cleaner may be the best vacuum investment that I have ever made, and I was born in the '50s." –1DiligentShopper

    Get it from Amazon for $96.04.

    13. A cordless Shark Navigator for anyone who has a lot of stairs, and needs a lightweight solution.

    Features: rechargeable storage dock (takes about 40 minutes to recharge), two speed, easy-to-empty extra large dirt cup

    Promising review: "Holy cow! We moved into a three-level home several months ago, and I wanted another vacuum so I didn't have to carry my Lift-Away Shark Navigator (which I LOVE) up and down the stairs. When I saw this, I thought the cordless might be great for the stairs, and the great reviews convinced me to buy one. We have two dogs and three kids, and I could not believe what this little thing picked up. Don't let the light weight fool you. This picks up A TON of stuff. I have about 3,000 sq. ft. total, and was able to do my whole main floor, stairs, and about half the master bedroom before the charge ran out. It's awesome on wood floors, plus when I move to a rug, I can hear the roller kick into a higher gear. It doesn't change to the carpet setting, but it's like the roller knows you're on a rug. When you move back to the hard floor, it seems to switch back into the lower gear automatically. Switch it into carpet, and it does a great job there, too. On stairs maybe it's not as easy as a handheld, but it's very light, and obviously there's no cord to mess with. Is it as good on carpets as my Navigator? Probably not. But it's perfect for my quick day-to-day carpet vacuuming, and does a very thorough job on my hard floors." –Mopo

    Get it from Amazon for $89+ (two colors).

    14. A handheld Dirt Devil with a 16-foot cord so you can tidy up small spaces.

    Vacuum attachments: quick-flip crevice tool, dusting brush, sliding brush, upholstery tool

    Promising review: "As a college student, I needed a small, compact vacuum to keep my dorm clean. I've had this for a couple weeks, so far no problems. It is surprisingly powerful. When I received the vacuum, I tried it out on my bed, and it picked up a good amount of dust and hair. The extensions are very useful for decreasing the suction force. For example, I wanted to use this on my bed sheets to pick up stray hairs, but using it by itself is too powerful. It will suck up the sheets. However, if you use the extension dusting brush, the suction area is not in direct contact with the bed sheets, so I can easily use this to quickly clean my sheets. The filter is also easy to clean out. If you don't want to get your hands dirty, I recommend wearing gloves." –Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $27.02.

    15. And a cordless Dirt Devil ready to pick up all the crumbs and snack disasters around the house.

    Features: easy-empty dirt cup, 10 minute run time, six hour recharge.

    Vacuum attachments: quick-flip crevice tool.

    Promising review: "We like crumbly foods, like rice cakes. Our new Dirt Devil is ideal for picking up the residue. It has a bigger battery, and works even faster than our previous Dirt Devil." –Maury

    Get it from Amazon for $27.29+ (available in multiple colors).

    16. A Cen-Tec central vacuum attachment kit with a handy on/off handle switch, so you can make the most of your system.

    Compatible with: all major brands of central vacuum systems equipped with industry standard pin jack inlet valves, including: Beam, Electrolux, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Nutone, Hayden, MD, Canavac, Cyclovac, and Imperium

    Set includes: two floor nozzles – one multi-surface nozzle for on carpet and hardfloor surfaces, and one 12” hard floor brush; a 5” natural fill dusting tool, a 13” vented crevice tool, and 5” upholstery tool with a built in brush strip for stairs and the sofa, and a mesh caddy bag

    Promising review: "We just received this and are absolutely thrilled! This new hose has two low-voltage wires that run the length of the hose with an on/off switch in the handle. There is a plastic alignment tab at the plug-in end, which indexes one prong to each half of the split metal ring. Our wall outlets have a space to put your finger to open the little door; the tab on the hose end fits perfectly into that space. This allows you to turn the system on and off from the handle. The stainless steel telescopic locking wand is great and all the attachments are well made. This is a fantastic deal for the money! Thank You!" –Jack Butterfield

    Get it from Amazon for $115.99.

    17. A carpet cleaning Hoover wet vac that'll demolish pet stains and make your carpet look brand new.

    Features: quick clean mode with HeatForce speeds up drying carpets, antimicrobial spin scrub brush system, 1.25 gallon tank capacity

    Vacuum attachments: two-in-one anti-microbial pet tool

    Promising review: "I have three dogs, and they love to get my carpet dirty. Typically I have a company out to clean the carpets yearly, but I've noticed that the carpet needed a cleaning sooner. I decided to buy this as my intermittent cleaner. Works like a champ. I was blown away at how clean this thing actually got my carpets. They looked practically brand new. It's really easy to use as well. Two screws in the handle, quick glance over the instructions, throw in the solution some clean water, and you're ready to roll. The other really nice bonus is that the suction is great and my carpets were dry pretty quickly. Great bang for the buck. It's not often that I'm pumped about buying cleaning supplies, but this was extremely satisfying to use and see the results." –J Howland

    Get it from Amazon for $189.99.

    18. A powerful yet lightweight Sanitaire bag vac to put more expensive vacuums to shame.

    Features: reusable fabric shake-out bag (18 dry qt. capacity), automatic lock handle

    Promising review: "Don't buy some junkie $200 Hoover, they don't work half as well as this. So much suction it literally sucked up my hall runner. You will not be disappointed." –James

    Get it from Amazon for $114.97.

    19. A 14-gallon Ridgid wet/dry shop vac featuring an auto detail kit that'll help you save your quarters at the car wash.

    Vacuum attachments: 10 ft. hose, soft bristle brush, stiff bristle brush, flexible crevice tool, claw nozzle, adapter, and hose-to-host adapter

    Promising review: "I do a lot of wood and metal projects in my basement and the vac's 4" diameter hose eats not only the dust and chips, but wood scraps that would never pass through the smaller diameter hose of my old 12 gallon Shop-Vac. The suction is incredible. Perhaps appreciated more than anything else is that it is QUIET for a wet/dry vac. It lacks the particularly annoying (to me) high frequency whine that a lot of wet/dry vacs have. I see that some manufacturer's offer 'mufflers' for their units at an additional cost, but that would be a waste of money on the 1450. The tools that come with the vac are all pretty useful. This comes with a car detailing kit for only $20 above the basic WD1450, you get the detailing kit that's $40 if bought separately. The kit's longer, smaller diameter, and FLEXIBLE hose gives one a longer reach into the back of something like an SUV or van. The smaller nozzles get into much tighter places as well. The kit also comes with two brushes. The soft one is great for dashes and instrument panels, and the stiff one is great on the mats." –Dustyone

    Get it from the Home Depot for $119.

    20. An upright ball Dyson vacuum with a super stretchy cob web–destroying hose you won't want to put down.

    Features: HEPA filter, self-adjusting cleaner head, instant release hose, swivel ball technology, 53 oz. dirt canister capacity

    Vacuum attachments: hose, stretch hose, telescope reach wand, stair tool, crevice tool, long reach hose

    Promising review: "Love this vacuum. It really sucks! For a vacuum, that's a good thing. Easy to empty canister, simple and quick access to attachments. Easy to clean filter. Super maneuverability and ease in use. No regrets on shelling out twice the money for a superior vacuum. Great price on Amazon, beat out every other seller by $100. Worth it. Carpet feels noticeably fluffier after use. Vacuum is not too heavy. It's been three months of heavy use on lots of carpet, and it works like it did right outta the box." –MommaMel

    Get it from Amazon for $284.99.

    21. And a battery operated, ladybug Ecsem vacuum – lucky for you, it eats glitter, crumbs, and other annoying desk dirt.

    Features: runs on AA batteries

    Promising review: "This is great for my craft room. It actually cleans up GLITTER! Glitter! Anything that will get rid of glitter should get 10 stars." –C. Lannes

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in two colors).

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