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39 Things That'll Make You Want To Start Writing Your Holiday Wish List Now

A reviewer-loved down jacket, a gel nail polish set, delicious vegan cookies, and more great things you'll want to add to your own holiday wish list this season.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A pair of AirPods Pro headphones that'll make for a smooth and seamless listening experience at work, while working out, at home, and wherever else you enjoy listening to your favorite songs, shows, and podcasts.  

buzzfeed editor emma lord holding the airpods pro headphones in her hand
emma lord wearing the airpods pro headphones while going for a run
Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "Here's the main thing you need to know: the noise cancellation on the AirPods Pro is genuinely, alarmingly effective. The first time I put these on and toggled them into noise-cancelling mode it was like the whole world fell away. Like, walking down the street I felt like Anne Hathaway in an early 2010s rom-com because I genuinely could not hear one thing on a busy crowded New York City street except pop music in my ears.

They're also super comfy and stay put — and I am saying that as someone who wears them pretty much all through my waking hours. I take them on long, absurdly sweaty runs and they don't budge. I have them in my ears all day at work and they never ache. I use them to go delve into Netflix blackholes at night, and even after a full human day, my ears feel fine." —Emma Lord, BuzzFeed Editor

Check out the rest of Emma's review of the AirPods Pro headphones here.

Get them from Amazon for $197.

2. A skyline tote bag so you can carry all of your personal belongings while repping your favorite city — it could be your hometown, a place you once traveled to and loved, a city you hope to move to or visit someday, or just one that you think has a really pretty skyline! 

model holding london skyline tote bag
Anne Cate

Anne Cate is a small business based in Cleveland, Ohio that sells all sorts of accessories in a variety of skyline prints like cities and college towns.  

I got a sample of this amazing weekender tote with the London skyline print a few months ago and it's quickly become one of my favorite bags I own. I use it for everything — to carry my laptop, to hold groceries, and all my little personal belongings when I'm in the mood to use a tote rather than a purse. The skyline print is just about the coolest thing ever (and really makes me want to travel to London again), and the fact that it's black and white means it's neutral enough for me to carry it around with whatever outfit I'm wearing. Truly cannot recommend this tote enough! 

Get it from Anne Cate for $45 (available in various skyline options). 

3. A light-up makeup mirror that'll basically make your vanity feel like it belongs to a rock star and considering that you ARE a rock star, it's only fitting you add this to your holiday wish list. 

This mirror features three magnifying panels, a button that allows your dim or brighten the lights on it, a 180 degree rotation, a tri-fold design, and comes with a USB cable.

Promising review: "This is the perfect makeup mirror. It's the perfect size to put on a table to do your makeup or eyebrows. I love it because it’s lightweight and portable. If you don’t want to use the cable included, just use four AAA batteries." —Tac

Get it from Amazon for $22.99.

4. A world traveler spice collection to help bring flavors from around the world right into the comfort of your kitchen and delicious homemade meals. No plane ticket or passport required.

the assorted spices from the set
Chef's Daughter / Etsy

Chef's Daughter is an Etsy shop based in Bozeman, Montana that sells unique and delicious spice blends inspired by flavors from around the world. This set includes the following 12 spice pods: Indiana Garam Masala, Jamaican Jerk, Lebanese Za'atar, Kansas City BBQ Dry Rub, Fresh Herbs de Provence, Mexican Adobo, Greek Tzatziki, Japanese Shichimi Togarashi, Portuguese Piri Piri, Chinese 5 Spices, Moroccan Ras El Hanout, and Egyptian Dukkah.

Promising review: "Bought it as a present, but now I want one for myself. The samples are the perfect size to just test out a new recipe. You can always come back to this shop to buy more!" —Miranda

Get it from Chef's Daughter on Etsy for $19.99.

5. A book of crossword puzzles that start out easy and get tougher as you make your way through the book. By the end, you're sure to become a crossword pro!

the cover of the crossword puzzles book

Promising review: "This puzzle book is perfect. I took it on a plane and was able to complete multiple puzzles before we landed. I am not Einstein, but it wasn't too hard or too easy. I would def buy another one." —Whenpigsflyaway

Get it from Amazon for $11.69.

6. An Amazon-famous thickened-down jacket even those who hate winter with a burning passion will look forward to wearing. It features large pockets, a sherpa-lined hood, and comes in an awesome array of colors.

buzzfeed editor maitland quitmeyer wearing the coat in green
another photo of maitland wearing the coat and showing that it has big pockets
Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

Be sure to check out our write-up of this reviewer-loved coat!

Promising review: "Very warm and cute. I am actually obsessed with this jacket. I stopped a woman on the street to asked her where she got hers. I immediately ordered one. I wasn't sure what size to get so I ordered the small and medium. I am smaller on the top so actually the small was better because I could open up the zippers on the side." —Susan Alexander

Get it from Amazon for $159.99+ (available in 13 colors and sizes 2XS–5XL).

7. A Bluetooth speaker for seriously upgrading your home-listening experience. You can access your favorite streaming service right from the app screen (or connect it to a wireless device) and finally jam out to the last verse of "Happier Than Ever" by Billie Eilish the RIGHT way. 

Promising review: "If you love music, get this speaker. It'll become the center of your home listening experience. Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora and other streaming services are integrated into the app. It's also Bluetooth compatible so setting it up with my iPhone and Apple TV was really easy. I love that it displays the time and has practical uses beyond playing music. This speaker isn't that big, but it gets stupid loud (in a great way). Plus, you can connect it with other Bose Speakers through the app for a bigger listening experience." —Christine Forbes, BuzzFeed Editor

Get it from Amazon for $349 (available in two colors).

8. A personalized Real Housewives wine tumbler so you can finally live out your dreams of seeing your hometown have its very own franchise  — even if it's just in the form of this cup. We'll manifest it being on Bravo as you sip your favorite vino. 

three personalized real housewives wine tumblers
KC Cups / Etsy

KC Cups is a woman-owned small business based in Kansas that sells personalized engraved tumblers. 

Promising review: "I got these cuties for two of my friends who bought houses in late 2020 with their cities personalized on them. Basically no one is as obsessed with Housewives as I am, but lots of our group chats entail rehashing the latest eps (except RHOC bc, let's face it, it's awful). So when my colleague Heather Braga put this tumbler in her gifts for Bravo fans, I couldn't wait to order them. They've both received them and LOVE them. One friend cried! But a good cry." —Elizabeth Lilly, BuzzFeed Editor 

Get it from KC Cups on Etsy for $21.99 (available in various colors/styles).

9. A gel nail polish kit complete with 16 beautiful colors that'll bring your at-home manicure to the next level. Seriously, think of all the money you're about to save on gel manicures. 

buzzfeed editor kayla suazo showing her nails painted with gellen nail polish
Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

This set comes with 16 gel polish colors, a base coat, and a top coat. It does not come with a UV lamp (which you will need!), so try this reviewer-loved option from Amazon for $21.99.

Promising review: "Long before quarantine days I was a nail salon regular. Once lockdown really hit, I realized I needed to take my manicure ~into my own hands~. These Gellen gel polishes give salon-quality results at home. Truly, I can get a full two weeks without peeling/chipping/breaking. The amount of $$$ I have saved..." —Kayla Suazo, BuzzFeed Editor

Get it from Amazon for $23.99.

10. A lovely Turkish throw blanket to keep you feeling warm and cozy inside when it's snowy and cold outside. 

two stacks of various colored blankets
Turkish Dowry / Etsy

Turkish Dowry is an Etsy shop based in Turkey that sells towels, blankets, velvet bedspreads, and more. Plus, the shop offers free shipping on orders over $35!

Promising review: "Absolutely gorgeous blanket! This is my second purchase from this shop (and this blanket), and I love my order! The blankets are beautifully made. I can’t believe how quickly the blankets arrived too! Turkey to Oregon in two to three days after ordering!!! I’ve already placed a third order!" —Joanna C

Get it from Turkish Dowry on Etsy for $25.60 (available in 25 colors).

11. A Kindle Paperwhite so you can enjoy your favorite reads from anywhere. Bonus: It's easy to read even when it's super sunny outside AND it's waterproof. So if you have any warm weather travels coming up this winter, you'll definitely want to bring this baby along for the ride.

a gif of the kindle underwater and still working
a reviewer reading from their kindle while on the beach
Abby Kass / BuzzFeed,

Promising review: "It's the thinnest and lightest Kindle Amazon has released to date! And — as is made abundantly clear by the photo above — it's 100% waterproof. I'm typically a hardcover girl through-and-through, but I recently gave the Kindle a whirl. It's very convenient to be able to slip it into any bag without it taking up much real estate and the transition between pages is very smooth." —Heather Braga, BuzzFeed Editor

Be sure to check out our review of the amazing (and did I mention WATERPROOF?!) Kindle Paperwhite.

Get it from Amazon for $89.99+ (available in four colors and two storage sizes).

12. A trendy pair of Chelsea boots that'll make for a great addition to any lewk. Now all you need to accessorize is a seasonal beverage in-hand and you're good to go! 

buzzfeed editor rachel dunkel wearing the nisolo chelsea boots
a close up of the chelsea boots in black
Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "These are great everyday boots that look amazing with basically everything and really ~elevate~ whatever you pair them with. They took a little time to break in around the toe box for me, but it really paid off, as they now fit like a a shoe that just fits really well, I guess. I've had these for probably close to two years, have walked in them *so* much, and they're still in incredible shape. I anticipate getting at least two more years out of them as-is — they don't even seem close to needing to be resoled yet, but I definitely will do so when the time comes. They are definitely an investment, but considering I used to pay about half as much for boots that would poop out after one year, I consider them well worth it. I recommend going up a half size from what you usually wear for the perfect fit." —Rachel Dunkel, BuzzFeed Editor

Get them from Nisolo for $200 (available in six colors and sizes 5–11).

13. An espresso machine for whipping up barista-approved coffee drinks without having to put on real clothes, place a mobile order, or wait in a drive-thru line. Yes, this features a rather large price tag, but it's absolutely worth the splurge. Not to mention, will end up helping you save money in the long run!

BuzzFeed Editor Brittany Gibson's espresso machine
a latte Brittany made using the espresso machine
Brittany Gibson / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "IMHO, the Breville Barista Express is phenomenal. I was a barista for a few years and I was used to working with a top-notch machine, and this is pretty darn close to being just as good. As someone who drinks lattes daily, I've saved SO much money by investing in this. I use these espresso beans from a small upstate New York business called SPoT Coffee and get delectably rich and smooth shots of espresso every time." —Brittany Gibson, BuzzFeed Editor

Get it from Amazon for $599.95 (available in two colors).

14. And while you're at it, you may want to add this beautiful Barbie latte mug to your list so you can live out your Barbie Dream House dreams AKA sipping a fancy handcrafted latte out of a pretty mug. 

person holding a latte inside of a barbie mug

This mug is not microwave-safe and should only be washed by hand!

Promising review: "I'm a sucker for all things Barbie, so this basically flung itself directly into my cart and showed up at my doorstep in two days without me even realizing it. I was at first disappointed that the mug was not exactly 20 oz as the descriptions states (I'd say it's closer to 16 oz), but it was so gorgeous I quickly got over it. It's such a good, cozy size and the cute design always brightens up my excessive amount of coffee breaks." —Daniel Boan, BuzzFeed Editor

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

15. A pair of Free People Movement leggings to put all your other athletic wear to shame. These cute and comfy leggings will be happy to accompany you when you're going for a walk/run, hitting the gym, or just lounging around the house. 

model wearing the leggings in teal gray
model wearing the leggings in black
Free People

Promising review: "These are the first leggings I’ve tried from FP Movement. They are so comfy, stretchy, and definitely squat-proof. I got the teal gray color and I am in love." —megreyna

Get them from Free People for $98 (available in five colors and sizes XS–XL).

16. A customizable floral library stamp for giving the books you own a personalized touch. If you're someone who lends books to family and friends, this is also a great way for them to remember who they should return the book to once they're done reading.  

buzzfeed editor nusrat sultana's personalized stamp on the first page of a book that reads
Nusrat Sultana / BuzzFeed Editor

Paper Peach Shop is an Etsy shp based in Indianapolis, Indiana that sells stamps, wedding planners, vow books, guestbooks, and more! 

Promising review: "As a reader who's built a sizable book collection, I love the idea of making my copies really my own in this regal way. Much cooler than simply writing your name! It feels so official stamping every single book. Can you imagine? Decades later, when my descendants look through my home library and see all my books stamped like this, how splendid that would be? I’ll tell you: very." —Nusrat Sultana, BuzzFeed Editor

Get it from Paper Peach Shop on Etsy for $16.19+ (available in four stamp types and 10 colors).

17. A lap desk to make WFH (or rather, WFB = working from bed) easier and more efficient. I can't be the only one who dreads the thought of having to walk a few steps from my bed to my desk especially when it's cold outside.

Promising review: "I really like this lap desk. As a PhD student, I'm on my computer A LOT. On weekends when I have work to do, it's nice to not have to get out of bed so it still feels like a lazy Saturday." —Anne

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in six styles).

18. An Always Pan — a multi-purpose piece of cookware with a cult-following. Reviewers love this thing because food doesn't stick to it — that means you can spend more time eating and less time cleaning up. Not to mention, it's highly photo-worthy and comes in super pretty colors. 

buzzfeed editor rebecca o'connell's always pan on her stove in the sage green color
buzzfeed editor maitland quitmeyer showing that the food she's cooking in her always pan isn't sticking to the pan
Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed, Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

This features a nontoxic, nonstick ceramic coating. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe!

Promising review: "This is basically the only pan I use anymore! It cooks everything evenly, cleans up like a dream, and of course, looks beautiful. My favorite feature is the little node on the handle that lets you hook on your spatula. IDK why, but finding a place for my cooking utensils is weirdly difficult so it's been really nice to just...not worry about it at all!" —Rebecca O'Connell, BuzzFeed Editor

A few of my colleagues tried out the popular Always Pan and loved it so much! Be sure to check out what they had to say about it here!

Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in nine colors).

19. A striped weekender bag that's ready to join you on any and all trips you may be planning in the future. Whether you're planning on hitting the slopes, touring a new city, or relaxing on the beach, this handy tote is ready for it all. 

the blue and white striped weekender bag
Vineyard Vines

Promising review: "I've been looking for some time for a weekend bag that actually holds a weekend full of clothes, and this is it! The bag is not only functional, but fashionable as well. The bag is made of quality material and seems exceptionally durable. The shoulder strap is adjustable, which is always a plus." —Kathy

Get it from Vineyard Vines for $168.

20. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist, a recipe book that'll give you inspo for creative cocktails and bar bites based off of your favorite literary classics.

reviewer image of the book in a gift box
inside of the book with a recipe and illustration of

Promising review: "Love the recipes, and the variety: simple, complex, sweet, tart, bitter etc. The literary puns were spot-on, and I liked the idea that the drink could match both the themes at work in the story, and sometimes even the literary criticism surrounding the novel. The suggested games at the end were very funny, and the illustrations also added to the whole presentation." —Spilt Over

Get it from Amazon for $7.39/hardcover or $9.99/Kindle.

21. A Ninja Foodi — a 6-in-1 gadget that can grill, air crisp, bake, roast, broil, and dehydrate because barbecue food is way too delicious to only enjoy in the summertime. 

reviewer photo of sausage peppers and onions cooked using the ninja foodi
another view of the grill

Promising review: "My first dinner and I am sold! This machine is so awesome. I look forward to cooking most of my meals with this using all of the fantastic features: grill, air fry, roast, broil, bake, and dehydrate. The grill size of this model is larger than the previous model. It makes cooking fun again. Delicious, easy meals. What's not to love? I couldn't be happier." —Ally

Get it from Amazon for $299.99.

22. A Nintendo Switch console so you can spend hours upon hours releasing your inner kid. Which game will you buy first?!

buzzfeed editor samantha wieder's gray nintendo switch with animal crossing new horizons on the screen
Samantha Wieder / BuzzFeed

I got my Nintendo Switch pretty early during the pandemic at a time when they were even harder to find than toilet paper. I set up a million and one push notifications to alert me when stores had them in stock online and was successfully able to get my hands on one during a brief Gamestop re-stock. 

I initially bought mine to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I was a huge fan of Animal Crossing as a kid so the nostalgia aspect combined with being able to escape to my own perfect little island was just what I needed to make 2020 a little easier. Since then, I've purchased a few other games for my Nintendo Switch that I really enjoy. What I love about this compared to the Nintendo Switch Lite is that you can either bring this on-the-go or connect it to your television. The picture is clear and beautiful, the console is light and comfortable, and overall it's just a fun way to de-stress.

Get it from GameStop for $299.99 (available in two colors in new condition, and other versions/colors in refurbished/used conditions).

23. A cute and cozy Rose Apothecary sweatshirt for repping everyone's favorite fictional store. Schitt's Creek stans unite!

model wearing the sweatshirt in the color sand
Versa T Shirts / Etsy

Versa T Shirts is an Etsy shop that sells a wide array of comfy tees, sweatshirts, and tank tops with fun and unique designs. 

Promising review: "Sweatshirt looks exactly as photographed! I purchased the sand color and I love the quality and thickness of the sweatshirt! I will say it shrank a very tiny amount after I washed it so keep that in mind if you like baggier sweatshirts. I like mine a little more fitted, so this was not an issue for me. I will definitely shop here again!" —Rebekah

Get it from Versa T Shirts on Etsy for $26.10+ (available in nine colors and sizes S–3XL).

24. A pair of shearling slippers so comfy, you're gonna start wondering if it's socially acceptable to wear these out in public. I'm not talking when you go shopping, because of course, I'm talking the office, fancy restaurants, weddings, etc. Personally, I vote yes. 

reviewer wearing slippers in chestnut color
reviewer wearing slippers in dusty pink color

Promising review: "These are amazing slippers. A strong enough sole to go run errands in and incredibly warm and comfortable. Super soft inside. I have a scar on the side of my foot so width is always a concern and these do not bother me at all." —Ortiz Family

Get them from Amazon for $49.95 (available in nine colors and sizes 6–11).

25. A Mickey-shaped charcuterie board for the best and quite frankly only way to host an amazing wine-and-cheese night. Just be sure to send me an invite, because if this board is there then I definitely want to attend.

cheese and meat on top of the mickey cheese board

Comes with a hard cheese knife, a chisel knife, and a cheese fork and the board features a pullout drawer to store them!

Promising review: "As a huge Disney nerd, this was just one of those things that I just had to have for our new house! Can't wait to use it. The quality is absolutely amazing. The cute little tools inside the drawer each have a small Mickey head on the handles. This will look so good on our countertop with our other Disney/Mickey kitchen decor items." —Desiree Light

Get it from Amazon for $55.95.

26. An acrylic paint set that painters at all levels are bound to love. There's something about lounging around inside your house in your pajamas when it's cold outside and just... painting. Right?!

a reviewer photo of assorted acrylic paints
a landscape a reviewer painted using the paint set

This set just comes with paint! If you're looking for a set of brushes, check out this highly rated assortment of 25 brushes for $7.99.

Promising review: "I love this product, the colors are vibrant and the price is great! If you use craft paint or paints that traditionally come in tubes similar to these you oughta give these a try. The colors are far more vibrant than other value brands and the application of this paint is super smooth." —Ohitsjustnick

Get a set of 20 from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in two set options).

27. A Free People Movement fanny pack perfect for storing your belongings while working out, going to a concert, and traveling. Running while holding your phone, wallet, AND keys is not a fun time — believe me, I know from personal experience. 

the fanny packs in metallic coral, pink, and silver
model wearing the pink fanny pack
Free People

Get it from Free People for $38 (available in three colors).

28. A ridiculously cool TV that literally doubles as a beautiful piece of wall art when not in use. Think of how stunned all your guests will be when they watch as your gorgeous framed painting becomes the same thing that streams The Great British Baking Show.

the tv hanging on the wall of buzzfeed editor mallory mower's home looking like a framed painting when the tv is turned off
Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "This is honest and truly the best splurge I have ever made. It has massively upgraded the look in my living room. My husband loves the photography options and I love all the classical paintings – as someone who loves changing up my decor, being able to update the display images has been so fun. The quality is fantastic while watching movies and TV...but I'm pretty sure I love it as a piece of art in my home even more." —Mallory Mower, BuzzFeed Editor

Get it from Amazon for $532.18+ (available in four bezel colors and six sizes).

29. A Book of the Month subscription to help take the guesswork out of pick your next read. Each month, you'll choose from a selection of great books you want delivered. If nothing strikes your interest, you can save your credit and apply it towards a future month instead.

assortment of books from book of the month
@bookofthemonth / Via

I joined Book of the Month a few months ago because I wanted to read People We Meet on Vacation and my local library had a waitlist. I thought I'd sign up for one month and cancel my subscription right after, but I am here to say that was not the case. I'm hooked on my BOTM subscription and can't recommend it enough. 

At the start of each month, they add five new books to the app. These books span all sorts of genres, include reads from new authors and returning favorites, and some even have a theme (AKA: spooky reads for Ocotber). You can choose up to three books per month. All three of your selections can be from that month's book picks or you can pick a book or two from that month's selections and choose add-on books — I've been doing this lately as I'm working on creating my own little ~home library bookshelf.~ If you don't like any of their monthly selections that is A-OK! Simply skip that month and a credit will be applied towards future months. 

It's such a fun thing to treat myself to each month and makes for a perfect gift (both to yourself and to loved ones). Happy reading! 

Sign up for Book of the Month starting at $9.99/first book and $14.99/each month after!

30. A four-piece handbag set complete with a tote bag, shoulder bag, satchel purse, and a wallet so you can rock some super cute new coordinate accessories! It comes in variety of great colors at an unbeatable price so if you're gift-giving rut, it's also great to give to your loved ones, too!

reviewer photo of the set in black and beige
reviewer photo of the set in beige

Promising review: "I was surfing on Amazon and came across these handbag sets. I was really impressed of how well they were made when I received them. They shipped quickly and the price for the who set was very reasonable. I would recommend these. The color is true to the picture." —The Pink Gurl

Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in 35 colors).

31. A geometric vase for holding your plant babies and succulents in a super cool and pretty way. Just a heads up, be prepared that everyone who sees these is going to ask where they can get them.