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    20 Products That'll Make Your Home Feel More Like A Hotel

    And you don't have to make a reservation.

    1. A single-serve coffee maker for a quick and easy way to start your day in your luxury hotel room... I mean, house.

    2. A curved shower curtain rod to give the illusion of having extra space in your shower at home, because showers in hotel rooms always seem to be fit for a giant.

    3. A memory foam mattress topper that'll be so comfortable, you'll find yourself doing one of those dramatic, slow-motion fall backs into your bed every time you see it.

    4. A four-piece sheet set so you can lay down at the end of a long day on a set of crisp, clean, fresh sheets (aka the best part of every hotel bed).

    5. A down comforter to get all snuggled up in and ponder how on Earth you're gonna get out of this paradise of a cloud in the morning.

    6. A headboard lamp that'll come in handy when you wanna read in bed, but don't wanna fuss with getting up to turn off the lights. Just tug the string on or off and you're set!

    7. Travel toiletry containers for filling up with your own shampoo, conditioner body wash, etc., so you can get the ~feel~ of being away on vacay. Extra as heck? Yes. Amazing tho? Absolutely yes.

    8. A waffle maker to experience the joys of the "complimentary hotel breakfast waffle iron," which is the only thing getting you out of bed in the morning, TBH.

    9. A candle for when you're longing to be in your favorite state! Whether it's your home state or your favorite place to go on vacation, you don't need to book a hotel there to experience going back.

    10. Squishy and soft pillows to sink your head into after a long day of sightseeing (or...going to work).

    11. A tufted ottoman for stowing away random knickknacks and keeping your space tidy, while also serving as the perfect foot rest when you just wanna kick back and veg out.

    12. A tray table to set up while laying in bed with room service noms β€” enlist your significant other, siblings, or kids to deliver your food to your bed. After all, you are a rewards member at ~Hotel You~.

    13. A robot vacuum that'll clean your floors with the tap of the screen on your smart phone β€” it's kinda like hotel cleaning, minus the towels folded into fun shapes and making the bed.

    14. A mini fridge for keeping delish snacks and beverages handy, without worrying about the front desk charging you $800 just for a quick nom.

    15. An assortment of delicious snacks to keep all the goodness and excitement of a stocked snack bar just steps away from where you sleep.

    16. A bath robe to throw on once you step out of the shower or leave the (at-home) spa β€” now time to chill in bed and do literally nothing.

    17. A pair of blackout curtains for keeping your bedroom pitch black and not letting the sunlight disturb you and your precious beauty rest. Haven't you ever noticed how it could be 10 a.m. in your hotel room, yet when the curtains are closed, it still feels like 3 a.m.?!

    18. A take-out menu organizer to keep all of your favorite local delivery options in one easy place β€” it's like room service, but with more options, and cheaper.

    19. A cotton towel set for stocking up your bathroom. You might not know how to make your bath towel look like a flamingo, but at least they're as soft and amazing as the ones your favorite hotel offers.

    20. Chocolate-covered mints to keep close by and throw on your bed after you make it, because anyone who is anyone knows DARN WELL that these babies are the BEST part of any hotel stay, and the sole reason staying in a hotel beats staying anywhere else, ok? Thank you.

    Not to like scare you or anything, but rumor has it that if you don't buy the products above, Dwight Schrute will show up at your front door later and greet you like this:

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