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What Are Your Favorite Feel-Good Shows And Movies To Watch On Netflix?

We wanna know which shows and movies bring you comfort or a smile to your face.

We're living through some pretty uncertain times right now. Between social media and live television, it can be difficult to tune out all of the coronavirus news, and a lot of it can feel really stressful and overwhelming.

When I need to take a breather from it all, one thing I really enjoy doing is watching something on Netflix. I find that immersing myself into a whole other world of a feel-good show or movie helps keep my mind distracted and makes me feel happier.

So what I wanna know is: what's YOUR favorite feel-good thing to watch on Netflix? Lately, I've been watching Gilmore Girls like it's my second job. There's just something about that show that feels like a warm blanket and feels extra comforting at a time like this.

Or perhaps it's a show like Queer Eye! The Fab Five never fail to bring a simile to my face with their bright and bubbly personalities, and the happiness they bring to each hero they work with.

And of course — MOVIES! I could watch Hairspray over and over again. Watching a musical film takes my mind off of everything, and the Hairspray soundtrack is the kind that just makes you want to dance.

So whether it's a rom-com, a Netflix-original series, a documentary, or a show you've been binge-watching before it even came to Netflix, tell us what your favorite feel-good thing to watch on Netflix is and why it's so great in the comments below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!