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    43 Gorgeous Long-Sleeve Tops You May Want To Buy Immediately

    No actually, *need* to buy immediately.

    1. A deep V-neck plaid shirt for wearing the coziest-looking print of all time in a whole new way — pair it with jeans and riding boots, and you're g2g for the day.

    2. An off-the-shoulder knit to wear on a night out with your friends, while still staying cozy and warm.

    3. A sparkly mesh top that'll have you feeling like you just walked off the runway at a glamorous fashion show. We won't tell anyone you got this off of Amazon if you don't, promise!

    4. A top featuring patchwork sleeves and a pocket for not only looking comfy and trendy, but for storing snacks.

    5. A striped knit that comes in a variety of cozy colors — it's the kind of sweater that makes you want to walk through some crunchy leaves and take some cute fall-themed pictures for your grid.

    6. A checked-print V-neck blouse perfect for days you're just really in the mood to receive a compliment from every single person you come in contact with.

    7. A ruffled sleeve blouse for those times you want to wear a top that's simple, but still has some fun flair to it. This, my friends, is perfect for that.

    8. A round neck option with button detailing on the side that'll go great with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings, some ankle booties, and a hot drink in hand.

    9. A high low knit that's simple enough to throw-on and wear while running errands, but cute/trendy enough that you can still make a STATEMENT!

    10. A pullover featuring a fringe bottom and buttons on the side for a warm and cozy knit that's nice and simple, but still knows how to have fun.

    11. A satin tie-front top that'll feel silky smooth and perfectly accompany your favorite high-waisted bottoms.

    12. A patterned cold-shoulder perfect for wearing to work, casually, or hitting the town with your crew — we love VERSATILITY!

    13. A V-neck top you should add to your wardrobe just for the adorable sleeves alone, dangit.

    14. A velvet top available in a variety of colors and prints — I see the sweat beading on your forehead trying to figure out which one you should buy, and my vote is ALL OF THEM.

    15. A colorful striped knit for those who want to do more than just taste the rainbow... they want to wear it, too.

    16. A one-shoulder option so cute, you may just forget about every shirt you own and wear this all day, every day. And I don't blame you.

    17. A ruffled collar chiffon top with lace sleeves that'll make you look like you put a million times more effort into your look than you actually did, which is always a win.

    18. A cream-colored grid pattern sweatshirt that'll make you look like you walked right off the runway at NYFW.

    19. A simple, but elegant turtleneck sweater you're gonna want to stock up on in every color and wear every second, even to sleep.

    20. A lace tunic that'll have you twirling for dayzzzz out of sheer desire to just show off this darn cute shirt.

    21. A simple cold-shoulder beauty to go with just about any pair of bottoms you own, and wear throughout the year. New Year's party? Check. Sitting outside for dinner with friends in the summer heat? Check.

    22. An embellished top with a faux fur trim that's clearly what Fergie wrote her smash hit "Glamorous" about.

    23. A puffy wrap blouse people will think you bought at some high-end designer boutique, and not while scrolling through a BuzzFeed post in your pajamas and eating ramen noodles for the second time today.

    24. A leopard-print blouse so pretty, leopards are going to be asking you how they can get their fur to look half as nice.

    25. A floral striped sleeve option that'll add a slight pop of detail and color without going overboard. Like, it's cool, but doesn't try too hard to be cool, ya feel?!

    26. A tie-neck blouse you can wear with just about any bottoms your heart desires for an outfit that's sophisticated, but cool.

    27. A polka dot collared blouse that'll trick people into thinking you went through the effort of putting on TWO shirts this morning.

    28. A waffle knit tie-front beauty to buy in every color. Not because you want to, but because you need to.

    29. A snakeskin peplum wrap top that combines three wonderful things — fierce snakeskin print, the adorableness of a peplum top, and the trendiness of a wrap top. It's basically a triple threat.

    30. An open-back athletic top you can wear to make everyone at the gym super jelly of your wonderful fashion sense, but can also just be worn as a super cute top — no sweat-breaking needed.

    31. A floral blouse that's so super darling and beautiful, you're gonna be wondering how you lived your whole life without this shirt in your closet already.

    32. A striped ribbed crop for channeling your urban chic vibes in the coolest way possible.

    33. A criss-cross blouse you should buy immediately because every fashionista needs a basic top with just a touch of flair.

    34. A metallic ribbed sweater that'll make for the perfect night-out top. Plus, a little fun holiday called New Year's Eve is right around the corner. You know what else this top is perfect for? WEARING ON NEW YEAR'S EVE!

    35. A dressy high low top to pair with jeans or leggings for an elegant, but over-the-top blouse.

    36. A casual option that'll show off your fun side with its one cold shoulder detail and twist front.

    37. A floral-print chiffon blouse to wear on days you feel like answering the question about where you bought your shirt at least a thousand times.

    38. A boho-style velvet type that's basically the equivalent of wearing a compliment-magnet, because of the sheer amount of compliments you're bound to receive while wearing this.

    39. A faux leather peplum top with mesh sleeves that's sure to turn heads in any room you walk into in the best way possible.

    40. A cowl neck tunic featuring not one, but two pockets, so you know what that means? DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF STUFF YOU CAN HOLD!! You are so welcome.

    41. A lacey blouse that's just super pretty. Like, I don't know what else to say other than this is just really freaking pretty. The prettiest.

    42. A V-neck cold shoulder for combining two great trendy looks into one stylish as heck shirt.

    43. A leopard-print tunic you can choose to wear buttoned up or unbuttoned, too! It looks great either way, which means more styling options for you!

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