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    Here Are 29 Gifts For Anyone Whose Favorite Pastime Is Reading Books

    Time to get them all of the bookish things.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. Book of the Month, a service that presents them with five awesome reads each month! They'll get the option to pick one of them (or more if they'd like!), then they read, review, and repeat!

    A person holding the blue book of the month box

    2. A book tracker bookmark they can fill out as they read. Once they've finished a book, all they have to do is color in one of the spines, write the book's title, and then use the bookmark for their next read.

    a person holding the bookmark

    3. A world literature map that'll make the perfect addition to the walls of any avid reader's living space. It's way more fun to view the world in terms of classic literature.

    the map in a glass frame

    4. A Cat In The Hat ornament I'd like to think is currently reading a book containing every Dr. Seuss story every created. Chances are, if they're someone who loves reading, Dr. Seuss had something to do with that in their childhood years.

    the dr. seuss reading a book ornament

    5. A book soap bar that'll look awesome on display next to their sink. This is gonna make them wonder how they ever washed their hands with anything else.

    the various colors of book soap bars

    6. Reading glasses attached to a comfy black cord, so when it's time to sit down and pick up their book, their glasses are right there, ready for use. When they're not wearing the glasses, they fold up nice and easy. We're just here to help you help them make their lives easier.

    7. A book lover's journal that comes with 24 double-sided cards for tracking the books they read, a bookmark to help them keep their place in their favorite stories, and a borrowed book log so they never lose sight of their books when loved ones are borrowing them.

    the various journal items that come in the book lover's journal kit

    8. A blind date with a book so they can go on the best blind ever, all without changing out of pajamas — this cool concept sends them a beautifully packaged surprise book. Their only job is to open it and read it!

    individually wrapped books

    9. Personalized wooden bookends perfect for people of all ages who own books. Now they can easily store their favorite reads in one convenient spot in an adorably pretty way.

    the bookends in pink, one reads "hannah's library" and the other reads "reading is dreaming with eyes wide open)

    10. A personalized miniature book necklace so you can get their favorite book turned into a piece of jewelry they'll cherish forever.

    11. Temporary literary tattoos so they can rock quotes from classic literature books on their skin, and wash it off when they've had enough.

    the various tattoos based off books including pride & prejudice, hamlet, jane eyre, sherlock holmes, and walden

    12. A book light that'll serve as a wonderful companion for late night reading. It's bright enough to make words readable, but not too bright that it'll keep someone else in the room awake.

    a reviewer photo of the light brightening up a book page in the dark

    13. A book journal so they can log all of the many wonderful books they read. It's basically like Goodreads, minus the app and smartphone.

    14. A 100 top reads of all time scratch-off poster that'll make for a fun reading challenge as they scratch their way to reading all 100 books.

    15. A candle that'll help set the reading mood. It'll make any room they curl up in to read feel as if they're at their cozy local bookstore.

    the orange candle with the bookstore label and labeled as smelling like mahogany, leather, and coffee

    16. A bookmark corner for a super pretty, unique way of saving the page.

    the various corner bookmarks

    17. A Coffee and a Classic subscription to transport them to the world of the included book each month with the help of a yummy hot beverage, snacks, a high-quality photo box, and other fun knickknacks.

    a box filled with a book, a mug, jelly beans, and more fun items to tie the roaring 20's theme together

    18. A Kate Spade New York tote bag to carry their most precious belongings. Most importantly, their books.

    a reviewer photo of the tote bag with various kinds of books printed on the outside with classics like romeo & juliet and pride & prejudice

    19. An iron-on patch they'll absolutely adore putting on a denim jacket or jeans, a tote bag, or wherever else they see fit. Books are, in fact, magic, and now they can wear this very true sentiment whenever they want.

    patch that reads books are magic with graphic

    20. A super cute bookmark so reaching for a random piece of paper, a receipt, a writing utensil, or whatever else it is they use to save their spot in a book, becomes a thing of the past. Plus, it's punny!!

    the magnetic bee bookmark that reads "to bee continued"

    21. A DIY Diagon Alley bookshelf so your favorite Harry Potter fan has an awesome new spot to store the books. Now, all they need is a fresh glass of butter beer, and they're ready to delve into the series for the millionth time.

    22. A tee for the person who is usually too busy reading a book to join the friend group Zoom party. Can you blame them?

    the tee in pink that reads "my weekend is all booked"

    23. A comic book kit they can color in and create their very own comics. Congratulations, you now have a loved one who is a professional comic book author/illustrator!

    the various pages and markers that come in the kit

    24. A personalized library card pillow that can be customized with their family member's information for a lovely library-themed decor item.

    the pillow

    25. A floral frame library stamp so they can add a cute, personalized touch to the books they own.

    the stamp that reads "from the library of claire paige"

    26. A pair of cat bookends, aka the most purr-fect way for them to store and organize their book collection.

    black cat book ends with books held between

    27. And because there is no pairing quite like books and cats (at least IMO), this pin set will make for the cutest gift they've ever received. CATS JUST CHILLING ON TOP OF BOOKS! Need I say more?

    cats on top of books pins

    28. A pack of tea bags with literary quotes from all over the world for the best drink to accompany their reading sesh.

    the container of the bag of novel teas showing some of the tea bags with their quotes

    29. A literary scarf to get the trendiest book-lover you know. They're gonna be very excited to accessorize their outfits with passages from their favorite classics.

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