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    22 Delicious Valentine's Day Candies You Can Buy Online

    Give your Valentine the gift of a sugar rush, even if your Valentine is yourself.

    1. A two-pack of conversation hearts — a Valentine's Day classic. In fact, it's a law you can't possibly celebrate the day of love without these.

    2. A bag of organic sea salt dark chocolate truffles to treat their, or your, taste buds with a perfect combo of bittersweet and salty — let me remind you they are ORGANIC.

    3. A bag of heart-shaped cherry lollipops that you can distribute out to your friends and loved ones, or let's be real, keep the entire bag to yourself and treat yourself daily — it's what you DESERVE.

    4. A chocolate bouquet perfect for those who prefer traditional candy bars versus assorted truffles, but like, how do you possibly gift it to them while making it look pretty? This. This is how.

    5. A gourmet treat basket filled with an assortment of caramel hearts, Jelly Belly Valentine candy, Ghirardelli chocolates, and some special snacks like chocolate-covered pretzels and dark chocolate drizzled caramel corn, hopefully your Valentine is willing to share this with you, hehe.

    6. A 50-pack of Dum-Dums complete with two teacher cards and 30 bouquet wraps to get if the kiddos are allowed to bring treats into school — these are free of major allergens, so everyone can have some peace of mind!

    7. A 12-piece Ferrero Rocher gift box that'll make any chocolate hazelnut fanatic super excited, because these are just too dang delicious.

    8. A pack of cherry jelly slices for those whose palate isn't a fan of chocolate for some weird reason none of us can understand.

    9. An 18-piece milk chocolate truffle tin they may think they have the willpower to eat over an 18-day span, but let's be honest, they're gonna finish these in under 18 minutes, at most.

    10. A bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate, raspberry-filled squares that'll perfectly balance rich chocolate and tart raspberry and will truly be a party in anyone's mouth.

    11. An assortment of jelly beans packaged in a super pretty clear "LOVE" gift box so not only are you giving a yummy gift, but a cute one, too!

    12. A two-pack of assorted Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Kit-Kats along with cards to give out to your friends or co-workers to show 'em a lil' extra love this year.

    13. A bar of Beauty Bar Chocolate for getting the superfood-fanatic in your life — this bar is said to help calm energy, enhance focus, and help skin.

    14. A bag of pink foil-wrapped Hershey Kisses to treat them to a classic, always loved chocolate treat. I mean really, you can't go wrong with these, science says so (I think?)

    15. Candy Club gives anyone with a major sweet tooth a magical box to open each month with delicious candies. Whether they prefer something more sweet, or if sour is their vibe instead, there is bound to be a candy in their box that will become an instant favorite.

    16. A 64-piece assortment of white chocolate candy so you can give those who prefer white chocolate to milk or dark, what might be the best food give they ever receive... EVER.

    17. A 24-pack of Fun Dip with card pouches for a V-day treat as yummy as it as, well fun, hence the name, ya know?

    18. A nine-piece cupcake-inspired chocolate assortment to give them candy so beautiful, they're gonna wanna take a few quick photos before eating.

    19. A 36-pack of Reese's hearts that'll make your heart extra happy, ya know, because Reese's alone are enough to make any heart happy, but turn them into the shape of love and bam, heart = EXPLODED.

    20. A 153-piece bag of assorted Dove Promises chocolates to treat them to some of the best chocolate, and making sure they have a good lil' assortment to switch between — milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate and caramel.

    21. A 32-piece box of chocolate mocha truffles that'll mix two of the best flavors to ever exist, TBH. Chocolate and coffee lovers unite.

    22. A bag of red raspberry hearts, aka raspberry jells coated with crunchy candy seeds, I can personally tell you are ADDICTING. They're a little crunch, a little chewy, and super yummy.

    23. A DIY eight-piece candy bento box that'll allow you to build the perfect mix of treats for your loved one (or yourself, because gotta show yourself some V-day love too, ya know?)

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