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    25 Gifts For Anyone Who Always Wants Some Chocolate

    Let's get chocolate wasted.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cookbook filled with over 80 mouthwatering recipes for getting your chocolate on — and it's by Ghirardelli, so you know these recipes are LEGIT.


    Get it from Amazon for $16.80+.

    2. A chocolate bar maker to whip up creations in the comfort of your home to give loved ones. Or just give it to a person who loves to DIY in hopes they might share their yummy candies with you.


    Comes with a deco pen, stamps, and wrappers to allow you to get creative and personalize your candy. This set is BPA-free!

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    3. A wine and chocolate pairings set with four chocolate bars, a cutting board, and knife that'll make a night in with your squad a million times more fun and delish.


    Includes four 3 oz. chocolate bars (extra dark chocolate, medium dark chocolate, smooth dark chocolate, and milk chocolate), a wood cutting and serving board, a stainless steel serving knife, and a tasting guide.

    Get it from UncommonGoods for $50.

    4. A tin filled with milk chocolate fudge so you can sink your teeth into pure heaven.

    1-800 Baskets

    Get it from 1-800 Baskets for $29.99.

    5. A chocolate obsession gift set filled with chocolate-covered nuts, fruits, and spices. On their own those things are blah, but dipped in chocolate? Well, that's the only acceptable way to eat them.

    Dean & DeLuca

    Comes with dark chocolate-covered almonds, milk chocolate-covered peanuts, english toffee caramels, dark sea salt caramels, chocolate-covered cherries, and milk chocolate-covered malt balls. Contains dairy, gluten, tree nuts, and soy.

    Get it from Dean & DeLuca for $85.

    6. A box of four chocolate ornaments to give to the person who is always on the lookout for adorable new trinkets to hang on their tree, and also happens to be obsessed with chocolate.


    Get them from Anthropologie for $32.

    7. A chocolate fountain that'll complete the dessert table at any party, and hey, if you give this to a fondue-loving friend, they may just invite you over to use it.


    This fountain can hold up to 4 lbs. of melted chocolate and features a unique bowl designed to keep chocolate melted and flowing while the three canopies are perfectly spaced for dipping. The center tube easily disassembles for quick cleanup. The removable components are dishwasher-safe.

    Get it from Amazon for $43.57 (originally $109.99).

    8. A chocolate fudge cake so you can stop drooling on your keyboard looking at this photo and order it to share with a loved one... Or eat it while you're alone. That's cool, too.

    Cheryl's Cookies

    Get it from Cheryl's Cookies for $29.99.

    9. A custom chocolate mix for those who aren't about the "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" thing. Yeah chocolate is great, but some just don't agree with your taste buds. Now you can ensure the ones you or the gift recipient really want, are in there.

    See's Candies

    Choose between an assortment of dark chocolates, milk chocolates, non-chocolates, seasonal chocolates, and white chocolates.

    Get it from See's Candies for $25.50+ (available in five sizes).

    10. A six-pack of hot chocolate on a stick for those freezing cold, winter nights where the only remedy for getting cozy is wrapping yourself in a blanket, heating up a cup of milk, popping one of these bad boys in, stirring for one to two minutes until dissolved, taking a sip, and wondering how you ever drank any other hot chocolate before this moment.


    Contains one dark, one milk, one vanilla, one caramel, one mocha, and one peppermint.

    Get them from Amazon for $15.99.

    11. A chocolate video game controller to get the gamer in your life — just because it's a work of art and really freaking cool.


    Get it from ChocolatesUnlimited on Etsy for $12+ (available in three flavors).

    12. A six-piece chocolate jewel set that'll be difficult to eat, because look at them. But as pretty as they look, they taste yummy, too. So EAT THEM.


    Get them from Nordstrom for $25.

    13. A canister of Godiva dark hot chocolate so you can sip the richest, most delicious cup of hot cocoa your tastebuds ever met.


    Get it from Godiva for $15.

    14. A 30-pack of assorted Reese's candy for those who know peanut butter and chocolate is the BEST of the best combinations and just can't get enough of the best candy to ever exist.


    Comes with five Reese's Sticks bars, five Reese's Pieces candies, five Reese's Big Cups, five Reese's white peanut butter cups, five Reese's peanut butter cups, and five Reese's Pieces peanut butter cups.

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99.

    15. A12-pack of chocolate croissants so you can treat you and your loved ones to the perfect Christmas morning brekkie — flaky crust, chocolate-y center, a true holiday miracle.


    Get them from Wolferman's for $46.99.

    16. A four-pack of soap bars infused with cocoa powder and essential oils that'll transform any bathroom into an at-home luxury spa — complete with the delicious aroma of, you guessed it, chocolate.


    Comes with one amber chocolate, one chocolate bar, one fudge brownie, and one raspberry drizzle.

    Get them from UncommonGoods for $28.

    17. A chocolate gift basket so you don't have to deal with the guesswork of putting together the perfect chocolate package. You're welcome.

    Gourmet Gift Baskets

    Includes .5 oz. of milk chocolate sea salt caramels, 6.3 oz. of chocolate wafer squares, .9 oz. of chocolate wafer rolls, 4 oz. of white chocolate cranberry cookies, .7 oz. of chocolate wafer petites, 4 oz. of chocolate chip cookies, 5 oz. of cookies and cream wafer roll petites, 4.6 oz. of chocolate crunch cookie thins, 8.5 oz. of tiramisu wafer cookies, 3.5 oz. of a Ghirardelli dark chocolate bar, 2.3 oz. of chocolate covered cherries, 2 oz. of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, 2 o. of key lime cookies, and 2.6 oz. of dark chocolate and caramel smothered grahams.

    Get it from Gourmet Gift Baskets for $99.99.

    18. Assorted Cadbury chocolates to feel like you're on a deliciously posh British vacation without needing to trek across the pond.


    Comes with one Curly Wurly, one Picnic, one Twirl, one Starbar, one Crunchie, one Wispa, one Dairy Milk Caramel, one Double Decker, one Dairy Milk, and one Flake.

    Get them from Amazon for $13.79.

    19. A chocolate bar-themed makeup palette so they can dress their face in named shades of the loves of their life — CHOCOLATE, DUH!

    Too Faced

    Get it from Too Faced for $49.

    20. A chocolate truffle-making kit that'll transform any kitchen into a gourmet chocolate factory — Willy Wonka will be shaking.


    Kit includes complete instructions, thermometer, two 8 oz. bags of organic 55% dark chocolate chips, organic cocoa powder, organic coconut flakes, sea salt, organic peppermint extract, and organic vanilla extract. All you need is to add cream or coconut cream for vegan truffles! Yields approximately 36 truffles.

    Get it from UncommonGoods for $34.95.

    21. A cake-scented candle to fill any space with the best scent in the world (chocolate, obviously).


    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in four sizes).

    22. A package of dark chocolate peppermint bark so you can enjoy all the best flavors of the holiday season in a classic treat.

    Harry & David

    Get it from Harry & David for $24.99.

    23. A 30-pack of Lindor truffles in a personalized keepsake box that'll be the sweetest gift ever — both in taste and in sentiment.


    Get it from GiftTree for $39.95.

    24. A two-pack of chocolate lava cakes so you can give what might just be the best darn gift they have ever received. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream? Mm mm mm.

    Hickory Farms

    Get them from Hickory Farms for $20.

    25. A chocolate dick that'll throw off whoever you're gifting this to with its pretty packaging on the outside. And if you just wanna buy this to give yourself, then do it, live your best life.


    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

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