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    22 Kitchen Products That'll Warm Your Soul This Winter

    The weather outside is frightful, but these products are so delightful.

    1. A comfort food cookbook with 100 recipes for scrumptious, reliable meals from around the world to warm your heart and tummy, no matter how cold it is outside.

    2. An Instant Pot to become your new go-to appliance, because with a plethora of functions, there is truly nothing this baby can't help you cook.

    3. A six-piece non-stick bakeware set that'll keep you busy baking up a storm in the kitchen when the snow is piled up so high outside, you literally can't open the front door.

    4. An automatic bread maker with a gluten-free setting that can take the meaning of "getting this bread" to a LITERAL level — you can also use it to make cake and jam!

    5. A KitchenAid stand mixer for accompanying you on those snowy day baking adventures, and all of the ones to come, because this thing lasts a super long time. So it will hold-up for, like, a snow day 25 years from now.

    6. A rotating pizza oven to ensure a freshly baked pizza is always accessible, without needing to trek to the local pizza shop, or worse, making the delivery person trek all the way to you.

    7. A 3-in-1 breakfast station that'll make waking up on brutally cold winter mornings when the sun isn't even out yet so much easier knowing an easy-to-prepare, delicious hot brekkie is awaiting.

    8. A grinning sandwich cutter — while a grilled cheese is gonna warm a hungry stomach, this cute guy's smile is gonna warm your heart.

    9. A stainless steel electric kettle to quickly boil hot water so you can spend more time sitting back, relaxing, and sipping on a cup of your favorite herbal blend.

    10. A single-serve coffeemaker compatible with K-Cups, but cheaper than most other K-Cup-compatible makers you can find.

    11. A variety of tea bags, coffee, or hot cocoa for always having a delicious hot drink on-hand.

    12. A pack of single-serve mac and cheese cups to fill with water, pop in the microwave, and voila — the world's most perfect comfort food is ready to meet your taste buds.

    13. A Crock-Pot so you can prepare a week's worth of dinner (plus maybe even some lunches!). Just put your ingredients in, let it do the cooking for a couple of hours, and voila, you're good for the week ahead.

    14. A panini press for those who know eating any sandwich between the months of December and March can only be properly done if it's in ooey, gooey, melty panini form.

    15. A deep fryer to get if you're someone who knows, yes, fried food tastes delicious year-round, but holds an extra special place in your heart on the days where eating a crisp, cold salad just doesn't compare to the happiness you feel bitting into a freaking chicken tender.

    16. An air fryer that'll allow you to fry up all your favorite foods you might have popped in the deep fryer above, but without all of the oil.

    17. A microwave soup mug to bring on-the-go so you can enjoy a hot and hearty lunch right from the comfort of your desk.

    18. A 10-pack of soup with five cans of chicken noodle and five cans of chicken with rice that'll ensure you, of course, have some yummy stuff to enjoy in your brand new soup mug!

    19. A sectioned skillet for preparing the entirety of your dinner in one pan, rather than needing to use multiple pans and spend three times the amount of time cooking. You're still trying to defrost from being in the frigid outdoors, you shouldn't have to spend a million and one hours trying to make a MEAL.

    20. A six-box variety pack of pasta with elbows, spaghetti, and penne to get if you, like me, know the best meal for lunch or dinner this chilly time of year is a big bowl o' carbs.

    21. A jar of either tomato basil or four cheese pasta sauce that'll make a perfect addition with any of those noodles you cook.

    22. A veggie spiralizer for making "veggie pasta" if you're a pasta lover who wants to incorporate more veggies into meals.

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