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    19 Things That'll Seriously Upgrade Your Next Salad

    Send this article to anyone who doesn't believe you when you say your new favorite food is salad.

    1. A cookbook filled with a variety of creative salad recipes for some yummy ~inspo~ on making the best dang salad your taste buds ever met.

    2. A salad spinner to make cleaning your greens as easy as the twist of a knob. No really, all you have to do is twist the knob, and voila — they're washed!

    3. A slicer and dicer tool that'll make prepping all the ~elements~ of your salad — veggies, fruit, meat, cheese, etc., super easy. Never again will you have to skip out on an onion-filled salad from fear of tearing up while cutting.

    4. A 12-piece stainless steel colorful knife set for ensuring cross-contamination during salad prep (or all meal prep), is a thing of the past. And for making your kitchen look a bit more FUN!

    5. A salad shooter to make you wonder why the heck your parents didn't have a fancy schmancy contraption like this when you were a stubborn little kiddo. Maybe THEN you would've actually wanted to eat your veggies!

    6. A three-pack of food storage containers that'll keep produce extra fresh longer. That means you can prep veggies and fruit early in the week and still eat them super fresh later in the week.

    7. A salad dressing shaker/maker for whipping up your very own dressings — you can use the recipes printed on the bottle or get creative and invent something new!

    8. A four-piece salad plate set to make eating a nutritious meal or side dish a bit more fun thanks to these super pretty patterns.

    9. A Lunchblox kit that'll make packing a salad and bringing it to school or the office a DIY salad experience right at your desk. Why spend $10 at the salad bar, when you can fix it yourself for way less money.

    10. A two-pack of bell pepper corers for removing those pesky seeds in the middle in a fast, efficient way so you can be well on your way to a salad chock full of what, IMO, is one of the yummiest veggies ever.

    11. A salad chopper and bowl set to make yummy chopped salad right from the comfort of your own home. Long gone are the days of having to pay extra money at a cafe just to enjoy salad in its most superior form — CHOPPED!

    12. An oil and vinegar cruet and rack that'll make you feel like you're dining at a fancy Italian restaurant... oh, and of course to utilize a delish combination even peanut butter and jelly can't compete with.

    13. A salad cutting bowl for simply cutting inside the lines, turning the bowl over, and magic — your salad is ready for eating!

    14. An eight-pack of glazed pecans and dried cranberries and pepitas salad toppers to bring with your lunch or use at home in to add a sweet crunch to your meal. Or just eat these on their own as a snack. Honestly, whatever you want.

    15. A salad serving bowl with serving hands that'll make you look like a boujee AF host when guests come over. It won't even make them think you used a salad from one of those packaged kits.

    16. A bottle of olive oil for using as dressing on its own, with your favorite vinegar, or in a creatively delicious dressing you should totally bottle up and send to me to try.

    17. A pair of tongs to serve up a big bowl of greens at dinner or a party to ensure germy hands don't touch the food, and to make actually getting the veggies onto the plate, easy peazy.

    18. A salt and pepper grinder set to make seasoning your salad... potentially... a little bit... fun. Not to mention, they're salt and pepper grinders so you will definitely get a ton of use out of them for all of your seasoning needs.

    19. A two-pack of bacon ranch salad dressing for what is obviously destined to become your most favorite dressing ever. Like, you're literally gonna wanna eat salad for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert just for this dressing alone.

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