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    28 Hair Products That May Make You Think, "Where Have You Been All My Life?"

    The important thing is you found them now.

    1. A Revlon hot air brush that can dry and style hair at the same time! If you're someone who is often pressed for time when getting ready, this wonderful gadget is a true time-saver.

    2. A curl cream gel designed to help give curls a little hold and definition. Its sulfate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free formula contains argan oil to moisturize your locks, and is safe to use on permed, silvered, or color-treated hair.

    3. And while we're on the subject of curl-defining products that won't leave your hair feeling "crunchy," this sculpting custard was formulated with Type 4 hair in mind.

    the jar of hair product

    4. Traceless hair ties so you can rock your hair in a pony or a bun, minus the creasing that's typically left behind from other hair ties.

    a reviewer using the hair ties to hold up a pony and a bun

    5. A collagen hair protein treatment to help reverse damaged hair from things like heat, sun, and coloring, just to name a few. Because we want you to be able to do all the cool, experimental things with your hair that your heart desires without worrying about the risks!

    a before-and-after photo of BuzzFeed Editor Bek O'Connell showing her hair looking softer and healthier after using the protein treatment

    6. Or you can try this miracle hair mask that has tons of glowing reviews from folks with Type 3 and 4 hair! Its raw honey and olive oil formula help to nourish dry, damaged, and color-treated hair, as well as reduce scalp itchiness.

    7. A microfiber hair towel to help speed up the time it takes for your hair to dry, without drying it out, so your hair can still retain the moisture it needs.

    reviewer wearing the microfiber towel

    8. Neutrogena's Anti-Residue Shampoo that'll be gentle and nonirritating on your scalp, but tough when it comes to fighting residue left behind from your other hair products!

    reviewer showing their hair looking smoother and softer after using the product

    9. A satin-lined cap to help prevent bedhead and frizz, while locking in moisture and your hair's natural oils. The cap itself is lightweight, comfy, and stylish enough to wear anytime, anywhere!

    10. A customizable shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty — all you have to do is fill out your hair profile, choose up to five hair #goalz, pick a fragrance and fragrance strength (or go fragrance-free!), select your colors and add a name, decide which size you'd like to order, and voila! You can call yourself a beauty chemist now!

    a bottle of shampoo and conditioner from function of beauty

    11. A scalp conditioner from Taraji P. Henson's fabulous haircare line that does the most splendid job of hydrating, conditioning, softening, and aiding in hair regrowth on all hair types, but is especially great for textured hair. Plus, it features a tri-touch applicator to help you better target scalp areas, that I think every hair product should come with, TBH.

    Taraji P. Henson using the scalp conditioner

    12. A curling bar that'll literally vibrate when time is up each time you wrap a strand of hair around it to curl. Because counting seconds yourself? That's sooo 15 seconds ago.

    13. And if you're trying to avoid heat damage from a curling iron, these curling rods are highly loved amongst those with various hair types, especially types 3B–4C.

    14. A scalp shampoo brush – it not only aids in giving you a deeper clean when shampooing your hair, but relaxes your scalp, which ends up helping to reduce stress.

    15. A creamy deep conditioning hair mask formulated with super-fruit oils to hydrate and smooth curls without leaving them feeling weighed down and heavy. This conditioner is especially great for those with 3A–4C hair.

    16. A biotin shampoo that contains rosemary essential oil to help support hair growth and thickening, as well as tea tree oil to help fight dandruff.

    a before and after photo showing a reviewer's hair looking thicket after four months of use of the shampoo

    17. DevaCurl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler to give frizzy curls a more defined, bouncy finish. Not to mention, it smells SO YUMMY.

    On the left, a model's curls looking a bit frizzy, and on the right, the same model's curs now looking more defined, longer, and more bouncy

    18. An argan oil hair mask you can use about once a week to prevent things like heat from styling tools and coloring from making your hair look damaged or too dry.

    a reviewer showing their hair looking less dry after using the hair mask

    19. A blueberry curl control jelly recommended for 2A—4C hair types — it contains organic blueberry extract and raw castor oil to help reduce frizz, and define and hold your curls.

    20. An orange vanilla conditioning detangling spray to make brushing through knotty hair less painful. Plus, it smells super yummy!

    reviewer holding the detangling spray

    21. A blow-dryer diffuser attachment featuring drying vents and a 360 degree airflow to evenly diffuse curls and maximize your hair's volume.

    22. A shampoo that prevents bleached hair from turning yellow, all from the comfort of your own home.

    a before and after photo of a reviewer showing their hair looking less yellow after shampoo

    23. Satin pillowcases that may help prevent waking up in the morning with bed head, because that could make your morning routine take even longer, and we don't want you to have to make morning sacrifices like waking up earlier (gasp!), or not having time to grab Starbucks (louder gasp!). Not to mention, they just look super fancy.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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