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    27 Things From Nordstrom That People Actually Swear By

    Writer accepts no liability for emptied bank accounts after reading.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Laura Mercier setting powder I've been using since forever to give my darling face a shimmer to match my sparkling personality.

    A model before and after applying the product, with their skin glowing after

    5-star reviews: 1,436

    Promising review: "This powder makes you GLOW! I get so many compliments when I wear it. You cannot go wrong with this powder!" —SpeechieJenn

    Price: $39 (available in two colors)

    2. An Anastasia of Beverly Hills pomade to keep your brows looking flush and fabulous all day long, and that has so many 5-star reviews it broke the Nordstrom website.

    A model compares brows with and without the product in Taupe

    By which I mean the site currently says it has 169% 5-star reviews, LOL, which can't be mathematically possible, but I get it Nordstrom — it's easy to get confused when you're dazzled by a product with over 21,000 (!!!) total reviews. And yep, it's cruelty-free!

    5-star reviews: 16,900+

    Promising review: "I have sparse eyebrows with bare spots that have gotten worse with age (I'm 58). Got the blond and it's perfect for my white/blondish hair, plenty of color even on olive complexion. This product goes on smooth (you need a good brow brush) and looks much more natural than any other brow product I've used and that's a lot! It does what it says — I live in humid Florida and eyebrows stay put even through hot flashes. Stocking up!" —ChristD

    Price: $21

    3. A Skims chenille top that's sleeveless but cozy enough to wear all year.

    A model wears the top in tan

    5-star reviews: 178

    Promising review: "I love the top. The material is so soft and very comfortable to wear. Kept my body pretty warm. Great combination with pants, skirt, or shorts. You can basically wear for all seasons. I'm very satisfied with my order." —Martinka73

    Price: $52 (available in women's sizes XXS/XS-4X/5X and six colors)

    4. A pair of lightly-shaping panties from those comfort geniuses over at Wacoal that reviewers swear feel like you're wearing nothing at all and don't get dragged out of place every time you hike up your pants.

    A model wears the panties in tan

    Though I don't tuck much (proud of what I've got, TYVM), I have a veritable gaggle of trans girlfriends who swear by these for being the best contouring briefs for that purpose because of the fit and stretch of the fabric. They're quite a bit cheaper than Spanx, which they also appreciate.

    5-star reviews: 614

    Promising review: "These panties are great; they stay put no matter what you do. Feel like they aren't even there. When you pull on pants over top of these, the pants don't drag your undies out of place. Pants just glide right on over. I haven't seen any panty lines. They are my most favorite undies!" —laffinwic

    Price: $15 (available in women's sizes S-3X and five colors)

    5. A pair of Ugg ribbed crew socks, because you and I know you're not going outside today, but you still deserve A+ footwear.

    A model wears the white socks

    5-star reviews: 241

    Promising review: "Soft and comfy. I love to wear them around the house. And they are not a heavy sock. I bought a different color pair for my daughter for Christmas. She'll love them. They do give a bit of warmth for the cold winter nights in bed. Would gladly buy more pairs in different colors." —PEPM

    Price: $18

    6. A Clinique cream eye-shaper folks love because it goes on easy, has a smudgy texture that looks great even if you don't apply in a straight line, and will stay put even on top of oil-based moisturizers.

    The product in black

    5-star reviews: 397

    Promising review: "I use very emollient moisturizer because of a skin condition, and I'm thrilled that this eyeliner doesn't smudge on me. I've tried them all — pencil, gel, and liquid. The pencil texture is firm, not creamy, so you do have to apply some pressure, but on the plus side, you won't have to sharpen it after every use." —Elikas

    Price: $20 (available in three colors)

    7. A natural-looking, gluten-free bronzer powder from Bobbi Brown to get a good glow while still looking natural.

    The bronzer in Maui

    It's also paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and sulfite-free.

    5-star reviews: 384

    Promising review: "I have this bronzer and it gives a beautiful color with just a slight shimmer. I usually do matte bronzer but sometimes they can look so flat and dull! This color never turns orange-looking and gives a natural bronze glow. Very nice color!" —bonnie83

    Price: $44 (available in five colors)

    8. A lacy Free People bralette that I've had in my rotation for years because I love the frilly details and it fits without suffocating me. Like other FP bralettes, it actually works for folks larger than a D cup.

    A model wears the bralette in black

    I'm the same size as the reviewer and am also alright in a small. I just make sure I don't run it through the dryer, because then it gets

    5-star reviews: 135

    Promising review: "Love love this bra. I wear it under literally everything. I love how the straps show on my shoulders when I wear a loose shirt. I have the small and medium; I’m a size 4, 32DD, and for my size I would suggest going with a small. It was a better fit and more supportive, but generally it’s very light support. I wish they made them in more colors." —Denas

    Price: $20 (available in women's sizes XS-XL)

    9. A pair of Adidas Adilette Velcro slides for babies so your wee ones can join you in the slacker style renaissance that is 2021.

    The black sandal with a white strap and orange, yellow, and blue stripes

    Laces are so 2019.

    5-star reviews: 130

    Promising review: "Bought these for my daughter. She loves them. They are comfortable and width is adjustable. Perfect on-the-go shoes for young kids." —JefffromTX

    Price: $34 (available in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes)

    10. A pair of Nike palazzo sweats with on-point piping, because TikTok won and skinny pants are over.

    A model wears the pants in gray

    5-star reviews: 113

    Promising review: "I LOVE THESE PANTS. They are exactly as I expected based on the reviews. I was looking for a comfy pant that looked more put-together than joggers or leggings, and they delivered. For me they fit quite true to size, wide in the leg as I expected based on the pant style. These are very high-waisted. I don't plan on altering, since this doesn't bother me for around the house and if I wear them out I will wear a heeled boot or platform sneaker to keep them off the ground." —Sv77

    Price: $60 (available in women's sizes XS-L and three colors)

    11. A pair of Adidas sneakers with a totally rad 3D-printed sole that prove once and for all basic doesn't have to be boring. And they're nurse-approved for comfort, so you know they're a solid choice.

    The gray and pink shoes

    Believe anyone on their feet all day as to which shoes are comfiest.

    5-star review: 344

    Promising review: "I’m a nurse in the emergency department and I’m on my feet for 12 hours a day. This shoe is so comfortable I could work 16 hours on my feet and still feel comfortable." —Gioperezb

    Price: $200 (available in men's sizes 8.5-14)

    12. A pair of stretchy Skims briefs reviewers rave over because they're extra soft and comfy as heck.

    A reviewer wears the panties in gray

    5-star reviews: 191

    Promising review: "These get softer as you wash them. They are comfortable to wear and I would recommend them. I went with my normal size; no need to size up since they stretch with washing." —hockeymomstspaul

    Price: $28 (available in women's sizes XXS-3X and four colors)

    13. A Yves Saint Laurent matte lip stain that's drop-dead gorgeous whether in subtle beige, classic red, or poppy pinks and purples, and that reviewers say actually lasts a long time and won't dry out your lips.

    A model wears the stain in Prune Power

    5-star reviews: 792

    Promising review: "I love YSL lipsticks. It looks great on and feels great too. It does last without drying out the lips. Packaging is also gorgeous. This is a must-have!" —Poshlife2016

    Price: $38 (available in 15 colors)

    14. A pair of Natori briefs that coordinate with their fan-favorite Feathers line and reviewers rave about just as much as the matching brassieres.

    A model wears the panties in lavender

    5-star reviews: 126

    Promising review: "These panties have hems so soft they do not cut, nor does they show even wearing thin and light-colored skinny jeans. Love the front embroidery, it's so classic." —Lilyher

    Price: $32 (available in women's sizes S-XL and nine colors)

    15. And! A pair of Natori French-cut panties to coordinate with their Bliss line (my personal favorite) and that reviewers absolutely adore because the edging means no panty lines.

    A model wears the panties in gray

    5-star reviews: 234

    Promising review: "I am a curvy person with ample flesh on my beautiful bottom. This is the only type of brief I own (in all the colors available!) that does not create a panty line at all! I've gotten rid of all the panties I owned previously and now only wear these. They are so soft and comfortable, I do not feel like I'm wearing anything at all." —Manaka

    Price: $20 (available in women's sizes XS-XXL and 11 colors)

    16. An Adidas running shoe that is relatively inexpensive and reviewers rate as a solid choice.

    the shoe in pale pink

    5-star reviews: 426

    Promising review: "I purchased this shoe to do an occasional two-mile jog a few times a week. It serves its purpose. The shoe is not heavy, but not ultra-light either. It fits perfectly. It was inexpensive compared to most running shoes. It would be a shoe I would purchase again. I wore the shoe prior to break them in before the job, but it didn't really need it. I have a low arch in my foot and my arch did not hurt afterwards, so I am happy." —QueenVereen

    Price: $85 (available in women's sizes 5-12 and 13 colors)

    17. A pint-sized MAC eyeshadow palette you can slip in your bag for glam-on-the-go at a bargain compared to what you'd pay for the same thing in full size.

    The palette in Semi-Sweet Times Nine

    5-star reviews: 248

    Promising review: "This is a small palette. Each eyeshadow is approximately half the size of a normal MAC eyeshadow, which makes sense given the price. If you were to buy each of these colors in the full-size refill pans to put them in a Pro Palette it would be approximately $90 plus the cost of the actual Pro Palette, which is about another $8. Or if you purchased each color potted, it would cost $144! The $40 price tag is actually good for nine half-sized shadows. The colors are beautiful and perfectly matched to create different eye looks. It's a great way to test several shades without committing to large size shadows. Hope all this info helps!" —Dez13

    Price: $32 (available in four color combinations)

    18. A Kiehl's Rare Earth face mask to unclog your pores with the elemental power of Bentonite, a super-absorbent clay.

    A model with the mask on

    5-star reviews: 386

    Promising review: "Must-have product for both me (44 years old) and my teenagers (15- and 17-year-olds)! We keep a jar of Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask in our home and take it with us wherever we go. No matter what type of skin you have, this mask will help make your face feel amazing after you have spent just a few minutes with it on your face, then rinse it off. So easy to do and the benefits are worth every bit of the jar cost. Try it if you want to unclog your pores, get rid of blackheads, minimize the size of your pores, and remove dry, flaky skin. You will see your face transform from dull to vibrant, fresh, clean, and rejuvenated." —Kikilminsb

    Price: $38

    19. An Ugg polyester fleece short bathrobe that's washer- and dryer-safe, and perfect for the warmer months but still just as comfy-cozy as you would expect from the legends behind everyone's favorite fleece-lined boot.

    A model in the robe in dark purple

    5-star reviews: 129

    Promising review: "I am OBSESSED with this robe! It is so warm and comfortable and exactly what I was looking for. This robe is everything. I usually wear a size small in robes, but I got this in a medium because it covered up more and I thought it would be better for wearing over PJs. Get this robe! You won’t regret it!" —jmosk

    Price: $130 (available in women's sizes XS-XL and five colors and prints)

    20. An extra-long, long-sleeve, thumbhole-cuff Free People cotton top, which is a fabulous middle-ground between shirt and dress.

    A model wears the top in Plum knotted over jeans

    5-star reviews: 115

    Promising review: "Absolutely love! This is my third one purchased. I personally love the longer length. As the name mentions, it’s an extra-long top." —Holly3982

    Price: $58 (available in women's sizes XS-XL and nine colors)

    21. A bottle of Chanel's famous N°5 eau de parfum spray that'll become as uniquely yours as it is timeless. It's really got that kind of magic!

    The perfume

    5-star reviews: 109

    Promising review: "It smells amazing and has great lasting power. It smells slightly different on everyone too, which I think is a good thing. Some scents are so recognizable that you don't give them a chance because you associate them with someone else's signature, but that's not the case with this. My mom and best friend also wear it, and we're always asked individually what perfume we're wearing. Highly recommend this timeless fragrance!" —ddmm

    Price: $108+ (available in three sizes)

    22. A pair of Ugg rain boots so you can see out April showers in a boot folks say are comfier than Hunters and have a nifty shearling foot bed.

    The boot in black

    5-star reviews: 733

    Promising review: "Very happy to have found these boots. I don't like Hunters because they are very heavy, but these are lighter and they have a fleece foot bed which I appreciate. Great colors, too. Also, the calf circumference is such that you can tuck a pair of jean into them." —Patts

    Price: $69.95 (available in women's sizes 5-12 and in to colors)

    23. An Opalex hair straightener you'll wanna have on-hand in the coming months now that frizz season is upon us. Reviewers like it because a little goes a long way, saving you money.

    A model before and after using the product

    5-star reviews: 744

    Promising review: "I live in humid Florida and have been searching for a product to combat the frizz. This product leaves my hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free. I have very long hair and a pea-sized amount covers the length of my hair. This will last a long time." —KelHuts

    Price: $28

    24. A pair of Allen Edmonds Oxfords that are 30%-off right now and sure to be a new favorite, utterly timeless addition to your already well-heeled dress shoe collection.

    The shoe in tan

    5-star reviews: 186

    Promising review: "I purchased this shoe for my high school graduation and 'til this day I continue feeling in love with this Oxford. The quality is amazing, it's comfortable, and it looks beautiful when worn. I even prefer this shoe to some of my other shoes from Italian brands. Therefore, I highly recommend this particular Oxford and any other shoe from Allen Edmonds." —joshmanuel

    Price: $276.50 (originally $395; available in men's sizes 7-15 and three colors)

    25. A Bare Minerals concealer stick reviewers turn to time and again to cover their dark under-eye circles.

    A model before and after applying the product, with circles under eyes less visible after

    It's paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free.

    5-star reviews: 1,648

    Promising review: "One if the best concealers I've ever used for those dark under eye circles. Stays on all day with a little setting powder. Lots of colors to choose from. I change colors from summer to winter." —CeeGeeS

    Price: $25 (available in seven colors)

    26. A pair of platform Converse All Stars to give yourself a little lift today. Reviewers say they're comfier than expected, especially for a shoe so thick-soled.

    The shoe in black

    Folks with wide feet say they fit just fine, by the way. As always with Converse, order down if between sizes.

    5-star reviews: 207

    Promising review: "These are SO cute! I loved the color of these Converse but I was hesitant to buy them because they have a platform, but they are perfect and surprisingly comfortable on my wide feet! I wear size 6.5 and got these in a size 6 and they are perfect." —JennMae425

    Price: $65 (available in women's sizes 5-11 and two colors)

    27. An It Cosmetics SPF 50 high-coverage color corrector with THOUSANDS of ~glowing~ reviews (pun intended!) because it's really that good.

    A model before and after applying the product in Rich Honey, with blemishes covered

    5-star reviews: 7,400

    Promising review: "The first day I used this, people said I was glowing. Then a week later my boss said I must just be super happy because I’ve been glowing all week. I’ve been using Lancôme for almost 15 years. I’ve tried Smashbox and other brands. Hands down, this is my new replacement. RIP Lancôme. It was a good run." —jenieceharper

    Price: $16+ (available in two sizes and 11 colors)

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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