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    19 Wild "Bridesmaids" Movie Facts That Honestly Made My Jaw Drop

    Paul Rudd was supposed to be in it??

    1. Did you know that Kristen Wiig co-wrote Bridesmaids with fellow comedy actress Annie Mumolo?

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    Annie even appears in the film as the nervous flier sitting next to Kristen, whose character is named after Mumolo!

    2. And Bridesmaids was Kristen's first ever leading role!

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    She'd already been in Adventureland and Date Night, and of course stolen the show in every SNL skit she was featured in, but we always knew Kristen deserved the spotlight!

    3. Maya Rudolph was pregnant during filming with her third child, Jack.

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    In a classic move of sartorial misdirection, Maya's outfits always featured a belt to distract from her stomach.

    4. Paul Rudd was supposed to appear as a love interest for Annie, but his scene ended up on the cutting room floor.

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    He appears in a deleted scene on the bonus features of the DVD as Dave, who briefly dates Annie.

    5. In order to distinguish Bridesmaids from The Hangover, all Vegas scenes were removed from the film.

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    Producer Judd Apatow maintained that The Hangover had already done Vegas in recent memory, and consequently cut those scenes because he was concerned that critics would see the movie as "the female Hangover", which they did anyway.

    6. The film's iconic diarrhoea scene was largely Judd Apatow's idea, and not Kristen or Annie's suggestion.

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    Apatow wanted to see a more brassy and physical style of comedy, while Annie and Kristen preferred more subtle humour. In the end, they took Apatow's lead when he suggested that female characters should act more like men.

    7. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone (who plays Air Marshall Jon) are actually married IRL.

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    The couple met while in theatre school and have appeared opposite each other multiple times including in Tammy, Gilmore Girls, and Life of the Party.

    8. Rebel Wilson originally auditioned to play Megan (Melissa McCarthy's character).

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    Rebel claims she didn't land the part of Megan because she was too young and also because Melissa was perfect for the role. However, due to her impressive talent, Rebel was ultimately shoehorned into the story as a second flatmate for Annie!

    9. Other famous actresses who auditioned for Bridesmaids but didn't land the role include Mindy Kaling and Busy Philipps.

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    Mindy went for Maya Rudolph's part of Lillian, and Busy also auditioned for Megan. Rose Byrne, who plays Helen, initially tried out for Lillian as well.

    10. Jon Hamm went uncredited for his appearance in the film – and it was his suggestion!

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    Jon felt that since he was not known for appearing in comedies, putting his name to the film would suggest a more serious vibe and thus impact its chances of success. What a nice guy!

    11. Chris O'Dowd's character was supposed to be American, but producers preferred his real Irish accent.

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    In fact, everyone was so in love with Chris's native accent that they decided to amend Officer Rhode's character just for him!

    12. Six members of the movie's cast were a part of the LA improvisational comedy troupe, The Groundlings.

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    At one point in time, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo, Maya Rudolph, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Ben Falcone were all in The Groundlings and performed together.

    13. Rose Byrne had to learn Thai for her engagement party speech.

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    One of the best improvised moments from the movie's production came from Rose, who pretended to speak Thai during her speech at Lillian's engagement party. Producers loved it so much that they wanted to keep it, but they made her redo it with real Thai words!

    14. Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas were real life roomies.

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    After they were teamed up to play Annie's flatmates in the movie, Rebel and Matt decided to take the plunge IRL! Rebel moved into Matt's West Hollywood home and apparently they got on like a house on fire for three years!

    15. Jon Hamm used to be Ellie Kemper's drama teacher!

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    Back in Missouri in the '90s, Jon Hamm briefly took a teaching post at his old high school where he taught drama to eighth-grade students including his Bridesmaids co-star, Ellie.

    16. Annie wears a bra to bed with Ted, but not with Officer Rhodes to signify how she feels about both men.

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    In the DVD commentary, Kristen Wiig says that Annie doesn't feel truly comfortable with Ted (played by Jon Hamm), whereas with Officer Rhodes (played by Chris O'Dowd) she feels able to open up to him and take off her underwear.

    17. The location where the infamous bridal shower takes place is also bloody Wayne Manor!

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    Keen fans of DC will recognise Helen's home from the Batman TV series and the 1966 film! The house exterior also appears in Scary Movie 2.

    18. Jill Clayburgh, who played Annie's mum, never got to see the final film.

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    This was Jill's final film and she sadly passed away in the year before its release.

    19. Bridesmaids is the first and only Judd Apatow related feature to receive Academy Award nominations.

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    Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo were both nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 84th Academy Awards, and Melissa McCarthy received an Oscar nod for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role. But we all know they should have won!!