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    Here Is The Cast Of "The Irregulars" In The Show Vs. Real Life For Anyone Who's Already Fallen In Love With Them

    This cast is so damn cool!

    1. Thaddea Graham as Bea

    Matt Squire/Netflix/BuzzFeed / Via

    Bea is the street-wise de-facto leader of The Irregulars – a teen gang who help Sherlock to solve mysteries in Victorian London. She strives to take care of her younger sister and keep their best friends out of trouble.

    Where you know Thaddea from: Curfew, Us, and The Letter for the King.

    2. Darci Shaw as Jessie

    Netflix/Ian West/PA Images / Via Getty Images

    Jessie, or Jess, is Bea's naive younger sister who has special psychic powers and can "see things other's cannot". Jessie fears that her gift will alienate her from her friends — that is if her nightmares don’t kill her first!

    Where you know Darci from: Judy and The Bay.

    3. Harrison Osterfield as Leopold

    Matt Squire/Netflix/Kirstin Sinclair / Via Getty Images

    Prince Leopold is the youngest son of Queen Victoria. Although he suffers from haemophilia and has been instructed to stay indoors, he often escapes in order to join The Irregulars on their problem-solving missions, where he adopts his more down to earth alter ego, Leo.

    Where you know Harrison from: Catch-22, One in a Million, and Art of Expression.

    4. Jojo Macari as Billy

    Matt Squire/Netflix/Dave J Hogan / Via Getty Images

    Billy is a tough and somewhat reckless member of the gang who harbours a secret crush on Bea, who he met as a child in the workhouse. Billy clashes with newcomer Leo when he seems to catch Bea's eye.

    Where you know Billy from: Sex Education, Harlots, Cursed, Endeavour, Hard Sun, Misbehaviour.

    5. McKell David as Spike

    Netflix/David M. Benett / Via Getty Images for Adidas Originals

    Spike is another street-savvy member of The Irregulars who seems to somehow know everyone in London. He is blessed with the ability to talk himself out of any sticky situation!

    Where you know McKell from: The Gentlemen, Patrick, iBoy, Urban Hymn, Time Will Tell, On The Edge, Marcella, Our Loved Boy, Him.

    6. Royce Pierreson as Dr John Watson

    Matt Squire/Netflix/Ian West/PA Images / Via Getty Images

    John is an enigmatic and intelligent doctor who hands out assignments to The Irregulars. Though his arrogance makes it easy for Bea to believe he’s capable of the worst, John eventually reveals that he’s also capable of redemption.

    Where you know Royce from: The Witcher, Wanderlust, Judy, Line of Duty, and Murdered By My Boyfriend.

    7. Clarke Peters as Linen Man

    Netflix/Karwai Tang / WireImage / Via Getty Images

    The Linen Man is a mysterious guardian of the dream realm that Jessie often visits.

    Where you know Clarke from: The Wire, Treme, John Wick, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Harriet, and His Dark Materials.

    8. Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Sherlock Holmes

    Matt Squire/Netflix/Mike Marsland / WireImage / Via Getty Images

    Legendary sleuth Sherlock takes on mysteries that the police won't, or can't solve. In this series, he's more elusive and troubled than we've seen in previous iterations of the character. Sherlock hires The Irregulars to help him on the ground and often takes credit for their work.

    Where you know Henry from: The Inbetweeners, Miliband of Brothers, Anna Karenina, Indian Summers, Killing Eve, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

    You can now watch The Irregulars streaming on Netflix!

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