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If You Loved "Bridgerton", You'll Surely Love These 19 Other Saucy Period Dramas

If you don't know who John Thornton is you haven't lived!

If, like me, you've already binge-watched your way through Shonda Rhimes' fabulous new Netflix series Bridgerton and you need more period drama in your life, look no further than these shows guaranteed to put a bee in your bonnet!

1. Sanditon

2. Vanity Fair

3. North & South

4. Bleak House

5. The Great

6. Lost in Austen

7. Tess of the d'Urbervilles

8. Reign

9. War and Peace

10. Outlander

11. Harlots

12. Belgravia

13. Medici

14. Pride and Prejudice

15. The Tudors

16. Victoria

17. Versailles

18. The White Queen, The White Princess, and The Spanish Princess

19. Downton Abbey

20. Bonus: Gossip Girl

Are there any other period dramas you believe deserve a shout-out? Share your suggestions in the comments below!