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    The Season Two Cast Of "Never Have I Ever" Just Makes Me Love This Show Even More

    The best cast of 2020 just got bigger!

    Let's just get this out there – Never Have I Ever is easily one of the BEST series to happen in the last five years. It's wholesome, it's hilarious, it's culturally insightful, and the cast is absolutely brilliant!


    The series was created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, and began streaming on Netflix last year. Since then I've watched it all the way through FOUR times... Seriously, I needed this second season.

    Speaking of the cast, season two of the series – which landed today (YAYYYY) – brings with it a bunch of new characters to fall in love with, just like we all did with Devi, Nalini, Eleanor, Fabiola, Kamala, Ben, and Paxton in the first season!

    Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix

    Here is everyone introduced in the second season and a little bit about how they are important to the story:

    🚨 Also beware – I have tried to minimise the spoilers in this post but a few still remain! 🚨

    1. Megan Suri as Aneesa

    Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix

    Aneesa is a new Indian-American student at Sherman Oaks High who initially rattles Devi, although they soon become friends along with Eleanor and Fabiola. While Aneesa pretty much fits in straight away at school, a secret she's keeping threatens to undermine her growing popularity. But at least she has Devi by her side... right??

    2. Common as Dr Chris Jackson

    Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix

    Dr Jackson is a fellow dermatologist and professional rival of Nalini. Although she finds him somewhat pretentious, Nalini also admires Chris's charm and work ethic. After a few encounters, the pair realise they have a lot in common and become ~friendly~. Naturally, Devi is totally okay with it.

    3. Ranjita Chakravarty as Nirmala/Pati


    In the second episode, Nalini goes to India to begin laying the foundations for her to move back with Devi. When she returns, she brings with her Nirmala, her mother-in-law and Devi's grandmother. Nirmala is strict, but very loving, and she instantly becomes a much-needed peacemaker in the Vishwakumar household!

    4. Sunit Gupta as Karthick and K.T. Thangavelu as Charu (Nalini's parents)


    We also meet Nalini's parents in the episode where she travels to India! She spends the most of her time with her mum, who is kinda bougie and definitely has big Real Housewife energy.

    5. Alexandra Billings as Jennifer Warner


    Trans icon Alexandra plays college counsellor Ms Warner who helps Paxton to improve his grades and also chairs the 24-hour school relay. She's pretty straight-talking, but you can tell she cares about the students of Sherman Oaks high.

    6. P.J. Byrne as Evan

    Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix

    Evan is head research assistant at Caltech where Kamala also studies. He is sometimes friendly with her, but can often be a real jerk.

    7. Tyler Alvarez as Malcolm Stone

    Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix

    Malcolm is introduced as a Disney Channel actor who is fresh off of filming a new teen series (how meta) and is now back at school. He, of course, catches the attention of resident drama geek and all-round queen of my heart, Eleanor, and the two begin dating. Ciao, Oliver!

    8. Tohoru Masamune and Kelly Sullivan plays Paxton's parents, Kevin and June Hall-Yoshida


    Paxton's parents run a sports store and are little "Jesus-y", at least, according to Gigi Hadid who narrates episode three aka Paxton's episode! Though his parents love and support him, Paxton still feels underestimated by them.

    9. Clyde Kusatsu as Ted Yoshida/Ojichan


    Paxton's grandfather also makes an appearance – once when Paxton visits him at his assisted living residence, and once at school when he comes in to help Paxton with a history project. He dotes on his grandson, and would do anything to help him succeed.

    10. Donielle Mikel Nash as Sasha


    Sasha is one Eve's friends who begins "managing" Eve and Fabiola's PR once they announce they are running for Cricket Queen and Queen (which is basically prom queen and queen). She's no-nonsense, and doesn't really seem to get Fabiola as a person.

    Also, fun fact, Donielle is the daughter of Niecy Nash who plays Dr Jamie Ryan, Devi's therapist!

    11. Helen Hong as Sharon


    We finally meet Sharon, and unlike Eleanor says in season one, she's anything but basic! In fact, Sharon is a dental hygienist (they're the flight attendants of the mouth) with a lot of love and wisdom to impart. Eleanor's dad, Paul Wong, also makes an appearance and is played by Andrew Timpo Lee.

    12. Utkarsh Ambudkar as Mr Kulkarni


    Utkarsh comes on board this season as "cool teacher" Mr Kulkarni, or Mr K, as Devi calls him. He seems to really like Devi and he roots for her, often offering her advice or bantering with her. Sparks fly when Kamala comes in to see Devi at school and bumps into Mr K, but only time will tell if that goes anywhere!

    Let us know if you're enjoying the series so far in the comments!


    And just know that if you say no, I will definitely cry.

    Never Have I Ever season two is now available to stream on Netflix!

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