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Here Are 11 Controversial Opinions I, A Super-Fan, Have About "Friends" – Do You Agree With Me?

Let's be honest, the theme song couldn't BE more annoying.

You love it, I love it, it's Friends... The iconic sitcom set in New York following six incredibly close mates who do everything together.

As a lifetime fan of the show, I've watched it all the way through more times than I care to mention – as I'm sure many of you also have! But that doesn't mean I think it's a perfect series; indeed, I think it has some pretty glaring issues.

Here are 11 of my most controversial opinions on Friends – do you agree with me??

1. I always skip the intro cos it sucks.

2. The early seasons are trash.

3. I cannot stand the "clip" episodes.

4. Ross's job was really interesting, and I'd have loved to hear about it!

5. Phoebe wouldn't have been friends with the others.

6. But she was wayyyy ahead of her time!

7. Joey was ~too~ stoopid.

8. He was also a massive sexist and didn't deserve his female friends.

9. And he probably wouldn't have lived in NYC like the others.

10. I think Rachel and Gavin should've gotten together.

11. And finally, Ross and Joey should've gotten together.

Do you agree with these takes? Maybe you have some hot Friends takes of your own. Let us know in the comments below!