27 Made-Up Songs From TV And Movies That Are So Good, They Would Definitely Top The Charts If They Were Real

    Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card — AMIRITE?

    Earlier in the week, The Daily Show writer Randall Otis asked the good people of Twitter what is the best "fake" song from TV or film that doesn't exist in our world? Well, it popped off, and here are some of the best suggestions:

    1. This bona fide pop anthem from The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

    the only correct answer https://t.co/Lie5DjBHbu

    2. Beast Boy's "Catchin' Villains" song from Teen Titans Go.

    Hands down the best. beast boy was in his fuckin bag https://t.co/jteoEMFNQv

    3. Pink Slip's phenomenal audition piece from Freaky Friday.

    don’t argue about it with me https://t.co/CTZ3YeI1Du

    4. And the baller track they sing during the film's credits, "Ultimate You".

    5. Ashley Banks's "Make Up Your Mind" song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – complete with iconic dance!

    Y’all not seeing Ashley Banks https://t.co/FF4SAeELsi

    6. The much-loved "Naked Mole Rap" from Kim Possible.

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen anyone mention this ABSOLUTE BOPPPP yet lol https://t.co/k1p6XrKEwy

    7. Dean Pelton's bizarre Eminem-style rap from Community.

    8. This fabulous No Doubt-esque number from As Told By Ginger.

    9. This cult-status cover of "Black Sheep" from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.*

    Idk about YOU guys but... https://t.co/q4gl5bS0XT

    *Technically, Metric (the band who wrote the song) had performed "Black Sheep" live several times before it was weaved into the SPVTW, but it wasn't until they recorded a version for the film's soundtrack that it was ever officially released. So it counts!

    10. Issa Rae's confessional bars from Awkward Black Girl.

    @IssaRae Awkward Black Girl S1. E1 https://t.co/XEgZDXN3Gy

    11. Steve's creepy boy-band tribute to his mother from American Dad.

    12. And another of his stand-out numbers, "Daddy's Home".

    13. This amazingly lethal diss track from The Boondocks.

    14. Eddie's impromptu gym class rap from That's So Raven.

    15. Charlie's nightmarish improvisation "The Dayman" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    @RandallOtisTV Haven't seen this mentioned yet, Always Sunny & Charlie >>> Day-Man

    16. My own suggestion – this iconic library-themed ditty from Arthur.

    I've been through a lot of these and shook not to find https://t.co/Udugmu1zol

    17. "Pop! Goes My Heart", Hugh Grant's '80s hit from Music and Lyrics.

    Hugh Grant deserved a Grammy for this https://t.co/Fwmc3U9azc

    18. Obviously, the theme song from Alexis's reality show on Schitt's Creek.

    Duh... “A Little Bit Alexis” #SchittsCreek https://t.co/ekdoZOhSaS

    19. "Trouty Mouth", Santana's smooth jazz tribute to Sam in Glee.


    20. This randomly quite brilliant improv from Stu in The Hangover.

    Stu - The Tiger song (The hangover) https://t.co/VMt0tbEL8B

    21. The entire back catalogue of Phoebe in Friends.

    literally anything by phoebe buffay https://t.co/Ya1fdx5itl

    22. This banger from Jade and Cat in Victorious – and yes, that's Ariana for those not in the know.

    i think we ALL know the answer to this one https://t.co/x685FtUCTv

    23. This music-hall homage to Miami from the iconic Golden Girls.

    Clearly the only answer. https://t.co/mXSuQjwrGx

    24. Hot Sundae's super motivational track from Saved by the Bell.

    A #1 record (in my heart)... https://t.co/be0BeVio2g

    25. This catchy and much-loved refrain from Adventure Time.*

    *The "New York" remix by Marcus Coronel did not appear on the show, but it's just too good to not include!

    26. This inimitable Ashley O dancefloor anthem from Black Mirror.

    27. And lastly, this unstoppable jam from A Goofy Movie.

    This the only correct answer https://t.co/PIxPgzR9qx

    H/T to @RandallOtisTV for kicking off the discussion! But all I can say is – justice for "Volcano Man"! And pretty much ALL of The Mighty Boosh.

    Are there any you think are missing from this list? Drop your thoughts below!