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    I Am Still In Disbelief At Hearing These 24 Disturbing Things Children Have Actually Said

    "He then told me he was going to drain my blood and eat my body!"

    Recently, we asked members of the Buzzfeed Community, what's the most disturbing thing you've ever heard a child say? Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "My seven year old kid asked me how you become a serial killer, and said that he could see himself killing someone out of anger one day if they wronged him. I know my kid, I know he's not got it in him, but it still freaked me the fuck out and you can be sure I'm keeping an eye on what he's watching from now on."

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    2. Not sure if this actually happened or not, but I [heard] a girl was babysitting, and the little kid told the girl to cross the street without looking because she '[wanted] to see somebody die.'"


    3. "I was in the car park for my building and saw two kids playing. One of the kids said in the most nonchalant tone, 'oh, let me take you to the wall where I spoke to Satan'. They must have been about seven or eight. I just kept walking."


    4. "My four year old son won't go into our utility room under the stairs. When I asked why, he said there was a scary man in there who cooked children. Then he stared out of the window and said 'look mummy, the children are crying.' I looked out and saw nothing but our neighbour's house. I asked why they were crying and he said, 'the scary man under our stairs ate them.'

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    5. "My daughter crawled over to me at about nine months when she was babbling, stared me in the eyes and just whispered 'dead', then crawled off. Fantastically creepy!"


    6. "I was in bed in the middle of the night and something woke me up. As I was lying there trying to get back to sleep, I became aware of breathing very close to my face, so I opened my eyes and as they adjusted to the dark, I [saw] the outline of a small silhouette just in front of me that then whispered, 'it's awfully dark.' It was my four-year-old."


    7. "[Back] when I nannied for a couple of years, the youngest [boy I looked after] one day, out of the blue, looked at me and said, 'when you're sleeping tonight I am going to sneak in and pee all over your pyjamas', [before he] went back to playing. Not gonna lie, I slept with one eye open for a while!"

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    8. "I was babysitting my little brother and when we were watching a movie he said, 'why does that man behind you always look so angry at you?' Then I said, 'what does he look like?' [He] then... he described my boyfriend [who] died one year ago in a car accident!"


    9. "My brother works a lot and my niece [doesn't] like not seeing him all the time, so she told him she wants to take his head off and carry it around with her so she can see him whenever she wants to 😂."


    10. "I work in early years and today one of my kids kept asking me, 'if I killed you, does that mean I take over the world or do other people need to die too?' She's four, and kept trying to carry a sharp stick around."


    11. "My five year old son once asked me, 'Daddy, have you eaten the black soup? It comes from your eyes'. Needless to say, I have not eaten, nor intend to eat, black soup..."

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    12. "As a four-year-old, my older sister constantly told my parents there was a man in all black sitting in her playroom. My mom was freaked out [that] she pried my sister for answers. [She asked] 'is the man scary or mean to you?' and my sister responded 'no, he's not mean, he just sits there and wears black'. My parents must have not been that creeped out because they made the playroom my nursery when I was born. I never saw the man, but even from age two I would escape my crib to sleep in any other part of the house. When she was 12, [my sister] saw the man [again] sitting on the couch at our new house, and even now swears she senses him around.'


    13. "When my cousin was around four, she would scream when she was in the car every time a specific section of the road would pass. I asked her why she screamed and she said, 'the scary man is back here with me. He's brown and red and he died.' [We later found out] a man was killed in a fiery car accident on that specific section of road many years ago."


    14. "My brother cannot speak yet, but whenever he is in my room, he keeps looking at the ceiling [and] jerking his right and left [arm] as if [he's] seeing something move."


    15. "My friend's two year old son was walking upstairs the other day and suddenly stopped dead, pointed to a spot at the top of the stairs, and said 'man, hat'. He's done this several times now!"

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    16. "My little cousin once said to her parents, 'we will all die one day, so why can't we just die now?' They were creeped out."


    17. "My brother's godson – who is about five – is obsessed with scary movies, but mostly slashers. Last time we saw him he gave us full on synopses of movies like The Purge and It. He then said he wanted a knife for his birthday... NOPE!"


    18. "Once, my four year old cousin was playing with the hot tub at the condo we were staying at for the week. He was standing on the bench outside of it and throwing his toys in while I sat inside the tub and watched. He told me [he was] making soup and I was a carrot in it. He then told me he was going to drain my blood and eat my body! I know he was pretending I was a carrot, but carrots don't have blood..."


    19. "I told my son his grandfather had died and he said, 'I don’t believe you, I want to see the body.' He was five."

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    20. "My mother-in-law was babysitting our kids overnight at our house, and when we came home the next day she said that my son told her someone was staring into his window and had red eyes. My mother-in-law quickly locked all the windows and closed all the curtains. When my son was four, we heard him screaming bloody murder in his room that he [shared] with his younger brother. When we opened the door, he [was] standing on the side of the bed with his body draped over his younger brother's pointing at the corner of his room [and] yelling about a man in blue trying to take his brother. There was absolutely no one else in the room. We checked the closet and outside, and nothing. They slept in our room the rest of the night."


    21. "When my daughter was about five, she kept talking about a boy she played with on the playground at school. She said, 'no one else will play with him. He has blood on his face and he's scared of the train.' Her school was just a few blocks away from train tracks."


    22. "When my daughter was almost two, her dad passed away. As anyone who has lost someone close to them [knows], I had continuous dreams of him coming home like he was on vacation and not really gone. [After] one particularly bad dream, I woke up and turned over to face the wall and he was there – he looked so real! I thought for sure I was dreaming again, and so I turned over and faced my daughter who was also awake and [she] looked me dead in the eyes and said, 'Daddy?' I turned back over and he was gone."


    23. Bonus: "Trump has done so much for our country! – my ten year old student."

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    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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