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16 Kids That Are Straight From A Horror Movie


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If you need stories about kids being super creepy to their parents, family members and teachers, look no further than Tumblr. Here are a few terrifying kids you might find there.


1. This prophesying pipsqueak:

2. This child with "special" interests:

3. This all-seeing entity:

Disney / Via Giphy

4. This concerned child:

5. This trapped soul:

6. This kid who has clearly thought a lot about this:

Universal Pictures


8. This cryptic child:

9. This mad scientist:

10. This hungry cousin:

Optimum Productions / Via Giphy

11. This psychic-in-training:

12. This hobbyist:

13. This possible reincarnation of John Wilkes Booth:

Fremantle Media / Via Giphy

14. This child, who...probably means well??

15. This kid (actually, I think we can all relate to this):


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