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What's The Most Disturbing Thing You've Ever Heard A Child Say?

Kids can be so creepy, amiright!?

If you're a parent, a guardian, or just an adult who is often around kids, you'll know that they say all sorts of things – some are funny as hell, and some are rather strange!

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But what's the darkest thing you've ever heard a child say?

Maybe your son or daughter once told you all about a ghost that visits them at night?

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Or maybe they once revealed strange details of a past life they claimed to have lived?

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Or perhaps you've even had a child share a creepy prophecy with you about the future?

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Whatever it is, we want to know – what's a disturbing thing you've heard a child say, be it your own or somebody's else's! Let us know in the comments below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!