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11 British Quizzes To Do If You're Just A Little Bit Bored Right Now

Get quizzical this bank holiday weekend!

ATTENTION: this is not a quiz, it's a collection of fun quizzes from March 2021 — in one place for your convenience!

1. People Are Voting On Which Half Of These Celebrity Couples Is The More Successful


It's time to decide whether Bey or Jay is the bigger baller. Take the quiz here.

2. Here Are 16 Overused Movie Songs, But Which Film Do They Remind You Of?

Sony Pictures Releasing/20th Century Fox

"Send Me on My Way" = ? Take the quiz here.

3. I Bet You Can't Tell The "Harry Potter" Film From Just One Random Screenshot

Warner Bros.

Do you have the mind of a remembrall? Take the quiz here.

4. 66.5% Of People Can't Identify Which Hemisphere These Countries Are In – Can You?

Getty Images/ITV

North, South, East, or West? Take the quiz here.

5. How Many Celebs Do You Know That Were Born In The Same Place?

Kevork Djansezian/Kevin Mazur / Via Getty Images

Did you know RuPaul was born in San Diego?! Take the quiz here.

6. Carey Mulligan Has Over 30 Movies And Shows Under Her Belt, But How Many Have You Seen?

Warner Bros. Pictures/Roadshow Entertainment/Focus Features

From Pride & Prejudice to Promising Young Woman. Take the quiz here.

7. Sorry, Only A Really Hungry Disney Fan Will Be Able To Pass This Food Quiz

Disney/Buena Vista Distribution

Can you spot The Gray Stuff? Take the quiz here.

8. Only A Serious Bookworm Can Guess These Book Titles With One Crucial Word Swapped Out

OWN/Weidenfeld & Nicholson

"Alice's Adventures in Luton" = ? Take the quiz here.

9. Only 35% Of People Can Actually Identify Which Of These Celebs Has Never Won Best Actor Or Actress At The Oscars

Steve Granitz / WireImage/Karwai Tang/Slaven Vlasic / Via Getty Images

Justice for ~blank~! Take the quiz here.

10. "Clueless" Might Just Be The Most Fashionable Film Of All Time, But How Well Do You Know The Outfits?

Paramount Pictures

I hope you're not ensemble-y challenged! Take the quiz here.

11. It's Time To Find Out Which "Shadow And Bone" Character You Are Most Like


Alina? Mal? The Darkling? Take the quiz here.

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