Here Are 23 Of The Best Character Actors To Ever Grace Our Screens, According To The Good People Of Twitter


    As the song goes, "Reese Witherspoon, she's the prom queen / Bill Gates, captain of the chess team / Jack Black, the clown, Brad Pitt, the quarterback". Well, this article goes out to the clowns... Sort of!

    Recently, Twitter user Declan Cashin asked the good people of the bird app to name those "busy character actors that make everything they appear in better". Here's what people had to say...

    1. Martha Plimpton

    2. Michael Stuhlbarg

    3. Jennifer Coolidge

    4. Maya Rudolph

    5. Richard Kind

    6. Patton Oswalt

    7. Margaret Cho

    8. Judy Davis

    9. Missi Pyle

    10. Jackie Hoffman

    11. Ann Dowd

    12. Judy Greer

    13. Kathryn Hahn

    14. Keith David

    15. Cloris Leachman

    16. Toby Jones

    17. Kristen Johnston

    18. Patricia Clarkson

    19. Allison Janney

    20. Lance Reddick

    21. Dianne Wiest

    22. Joan Cusack

    23. Margo Martindale

    Do you agree with these choices? Is there anyone missing you would've liked to see on here? Let us know in the comments!