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    SNL Brought Back David S. Pumpkins, In Animated Form, To Answer None Of Your Questions

    The skeletons are definitely still part of it, though.

    You guys remember Saturday Night Live's David S. Pumpkins, right?

    Well, he returned in animated form Saturday for Halloween, in a story that was supposed to answer our questions about who exactly this enigma wrapped in a pumpkin suit actually is.

    Because, yes, we do still have questions.

    The story, written by the same team that put together the original sketch, all centers around this young boy named Kevin and his younger sister Dotty, and how they came to meet... guessed it: DAVID S. PUMPKINS

    Who is voiced by Tom Hanks, and now drives a strawberry car for some reason.

    Anyway, Pumpkins is supposedly going to teach Kevin about the spirit of Halloween.

    And then save him from this scary dude in a raincoat because apparently David S. Pumpkins does that, or something.

    The scary raincoat guy is apparently just these three jerks in costume stealing kids candy.

    But David S. Pumpkins uses floating jack-o-lanterns to give the candy back to all the kids in town.

    And prompts Kevin to finally talk to his crush.

    And no, this still doesn't make any sense.

    Because of course, Pumpkins answers none of our questions.