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15 Ways Real People Work Out During Ramadan

Ideas and inspiration for maintaining a workout routine while you're fasting.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their strategies for working out and staying fit while fasting for Ramadan. Here's what they told us.

By the way, if you're looking for tips from experts about how to exercise while fasting for Ramadan, this might help.

And remember to always check with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise routine.

1. "I eat a banana or something light for iftar, then go running after praying."

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—Ayuningtyas Dyah, Facebook

2. Exercise for maintenance, not gains.

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"I drink mad water around suhoor so that about an hour before iftar, I do moderate exercises (no heavy lifting or cardio) for maintenance purposes."

—Daanyaal Khan, Facebook

3. "I take a sunset swim (in the hopes that osmosis will cure my dehydration in a halal way) right before iftar!"

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4. Play team sports that are timed to iftar.

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"I play hockey and fortunately the last few years the matches have coincided more or less with iftar, which is good because I can drink water straight after the game. Works for me."


5. Walk to and from the mosque in the morning and evening.

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"I usually walk after suhoor to do Fajr prayer at the nearby mosque. And I walk again in the evening to do Tarawih. I pick a mosque that's about a 15-20 minute walk from my home."


6. Have a moderate/healthy iftar, digest, then exercise.

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"For me, I don't work out until I have a healthy iftar and wait at least an hour or so after. Not only do you have energy, but you don't feel like throwing up from all the food either."


7. Take a long stroll in the morning, HIIT in the evening, and have a balanced meal at iftar.

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"I take an hourlong stroll before suhoor and bring one liter of water with me to drink while I walk. I have a protein shake alongside oatmeal at suhoor. I do HIIT before iftar. At iftar: more water, protein, and vegetables with some carbs (like baked salmon and asparagus with a small side of brown rice).

Note: It is also summer vacation for me so I have the luxury of being able to take a short nap during the day to recharge."

—Zainab Sawleypoor, Facebook

8. Start working out before iftar, break the fast with something light, keep working out. Then: dinner!

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"I usually work out one hour before iftar, then have small amount of dates or fruit and water during iftar, then continue my workout. I usually have dinner after my workout."


9. Get up early for pre-suhoor HIIT.

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"I usually wake up an hour before suhoor 3-4 times a week and do high-intensity interval training (short workouts, but you get the effect of a full workout) for 30-40 minutes. That way I can still drink a lot of water and eat right after. It takes a little effort to wake up early, but at least you aren't at risk of dehydration and have time to pray Tarawih after iftar."

—Ceyda Kural, Facebook

10. Play golf, which comes with a bunch of walking.

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"I play a bunch of golf and walk the course. If I overheat I put a cold towel on my neck. That way, I'm getting the workout of the golf swing and I walk 3-4 miles! It can get harder the hotter it gets though, so sometimes I just go for a jog right before I break fast because I have the incentive to do so because food is almost ready. I also chug a liter of water right before Fajr. It really helps."

—Sarah Reynolds, Facebook

11. Go for an an easy run.

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"Low-tempo running has worked for me in the past; keep the heart rate low, run/walk without self-judgment and focus on maintaining endurance over the month."

—Abbas Jaffer, Facebook

12. Work out with your friends before iftar and then break the fast together.

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"I usually work out with my friends 90 minutes before iftar — 60 minutes running and 30 minutes of sprints. Sometimes we go as long as three hours of working out. When iftar comes, we all bring our food to share."


13. "I'd go for a little run on the beach right before iftar, and have a nice healthy meal after an hour-long walk to Tarawih."

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14. Move around however you like, just don't overwork yourself.

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"I either ride my bike or jog early in the morning or right after iftar. I also like to play soccer or take walks with my friends around town, which is getting a workout but not overworking myself. Another great thing to do is just lift small weights with lots of reps."


15. And if you're hardcore or a competitive exerciser, why not do a modified two-a-day?

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"I do my cardio upon waking, about 30 minutes before suhoor. While doing my low-intensity cardio, I make sure to drink at least a quart of water with electrolytes.

After my cardio, my morning meal emphasizes three nutrients: fiber, fat, and protein. I make sure to drink more water with electrolytes during this time.

I do my high-intensity training an hour before iftar because typically I consume a lot of carbohydrates at that time, so I think that's the best time to deplete your glycogen and blood sugar stores through high-intensity exercise. I recommend keeping it short and sweet, using strength training parameters. Squats, presses, chin-ups, rows, deadlifts are all great movements.

Right before bed, I stretch and meditate. Your sleep will be limited during Ramadan, so you must make sure that the depth and QUALITY of your sleep is able to make up for lower quantity of sleep you get.

Ramadan Mubarak!"


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Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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