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Ramadan Essays

Why I Still Fast During Ramadan

I know the ways in which I fail in the face of my beliefs, and yet I wish to consider myself forgiven once each year.

I Went To Find Myself After Feeling Betrayed By God

I've always been deeply sexual and deeply religious. Traveling through my many selves taught me that those two don't have to be incompatible.

How The Internet Helped Ramadan Feel Like Home Again

When I moved away from home, I almost gave up on Ramadan. But an online confession helped me find my way back to it.

Being A Bad Muslim Helped Me Get Out Of A Bad Marriage

Adultery was the last Muslim taboo I hadn’t broken. When I finally did cheat, it helped me see that my marriage needed to end.

The Days That Keep Us Together

For billions of Muslims in the world with billions of differences among them, Ramadan and Eid are rare moments of shared experience.

There's Nothing Regular About Being Black And Muslim In America

I left my black Muslim bubble in Atlanta. Five years later, I had to learn how to return.

How Ramadan Helped Me Realize I Was Good Enough

Running through punk circles taught me that the only person who can define my Islam is me.

For Muslims Like Me, Trump's Words Are A Daily Nightmare

​Though I’m far from home, the tenor of anti-Muslim discourse is still the same – and escalating.

I Don’t Know Why I Pray But I Keep Trying

For me, prayer isn't so much a question of belief as it is a question of who I want to be.

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