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How Do You Work Out During Ramadan?

Tell us your tips and tricks for exercising while you're fasting from dawn to sunset.

There's no shortage of exercise tips out there.

But you know what there's not a ton of? Workout tips for when you're observing Ramadan.

That's why we want to know your best strategies for staying physically active during Ramadan.

Maybe you've figured out how to time your workouts so that they coincide with suhoor or iftar.

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So that you're eating either right before or right after you exercise, or maybe waking up — gasp! — even earlier.

Or maybe you've found that changing up your usual routine has helped.

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Like maybe you do less cardio but more lifting, or fewer high-intensity classes. Maybe, instead of going to the gym four days a week, you only go for two days.

Maybe, during Ramadan, you skip the gym altogether and stop working out, per se, but walk and ride your bike a lot more.

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Maybe you have a nutrition strategy that helps fuel your workouts.

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Extra carbs or caffeine anyone?

So tell us: What are your best tips for staying fit during Ramadan?

We want to hear all your tips and tricks about exercise, nutrition, sleep, or whatever else helps you maintain some kind of fitness regimen during Ramadan.

Tell us in the comments below and your tips could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post!