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This Is What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

People are basically trying to force summer to get here faster.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called β€œMovers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy-talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

People are definitely starting to gear up for warm weather and outdoor adventures. Waterproof gadgets are trending, and anything to do with getting drunk or cooking outside is gaining in popularity. Also, toilets that light up.

1. This motion sensor toilet bowl light that changes colors and probably makes your pee look radioactive ($19.99).

No more light-blasting you eyes in the middle of the night! You can set it to rotate through colors or just choose your favorite.

Most promising review: "A very worthwhile accessory for any night time toilet use." β€”Richard A. Nelson

Get it here.

2. This 12-pack of lemon sparkling water for Prime Members who are also dedicated LaCroix addicts ($5.00).

This is excellent for people in cities who can't deal with walking a 12-pack from the grocery store to their apartment (me).

Most promising review: "Love LaCroix Sparkling Water! I have at least four flavors in my fridge at all times. Lemon is my favorite. My kids like to drink it too which is a much better alternative than drinking soda!" β€”Toby Belch

Get it here.

3. These gloves that protect your hands from cuts while you chop, slice, and grate ($11.99).

Most promising review: "My 6-year-old, who wants to be a Chef, can now be safe cutting veggies in the kitchen." β€”Arul Santhanam

Way to go, supportive dad! ^^^

Get them here.

4. This huge box of 144 tropical drink umbrellas that all of us need ($5.30).

5. These stainless steel ice cubes that won't dilute your drinks ($13.99 for four).

Most promising review: "These reusable stainless steel cubes can be stored in the freezer and then used in place of ice cubes to keep a drink cold. While this will work with any liquid, it is especially advantageous for drinks whose taste deteriorates as ice melts and waters it down." β€”George

Get them here.

6. This Swarovski crystal necklace with a gold chain that is on super sale ($28.99).

7. This spill-proof water bottle that's perfect for anyone trying to stay hydrated, especially drunk people who spill from cups ($14.47).

8. This flat of 48 Ferrero Rocher chocolates that you are drooling over already ($15.59).

9. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker with 10 hours of battery time and a clip so you can take it on the go ($39.99).

10. This Burger Book that has actual recipes for 75 of Bob's punny burger specials from the cartoon/comic ($12.08).

11. These certified Ray-Bans with gold frames that are right on time now that the sun is finally showing its face again ($67.99).

12. This four-pack of Burt's Bees lip balm that you definitely won't lose in your purse or run through the wash this time ($8.97).

13. This tie-dye kit that will make you want to color everything you own ($11.81).

It comes with instructions for a few types of patterns.

Most promising review: "I tie dyed 5 shirts and three large sheets with this one kit. They came out so cool! The dyes are vibrant, I recommend letting them sit for 12-24 hours for more vibrant colors (I believe the instructions included recommend only 6-8 hours)." β€”jwebb

Get it here.

14. This very smart seam protector for the space between your oven and counter ($13.88).

15. These LED color-changing essential oil diffusers that are aromatherapeutic ($32.99).

Most promising review: "I had been looking for a diffuser and humidifier and this has been great. It Looks great in the room and is very quiet except for when it shuts off. I really liked the fact you can turn the light off if you choose and have options for how long it runs! I will most likely buy another one for the living room. Really enjoying my purchase!" β€”Vivi

You can get them in two different wood stains here (they both light up the same).

16. This excellent pack of adorable emoji stickers ($4.99).

17. This fancy-ass pack of 8 fizzy bath bombs that will encourage you to treat yo' self every once in awhile ($21.49).

18. This stainless steel Apple Watch replacement band for ~fancying up~ your tech ($21.49).

19. This incredibly useful handheld sewing machine that's perfect for hemming, crafting and making alterations ($14.95).

20. This 144 piece collection of Pokemon figurines that are just begging you to play with them ($17.68).

21. This Rolex that no one should be buying online, ever ($28,980).

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