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    20 Popular Fashion Trends Ranked From "I Desperately Want This To Go Away" To "This Needs To Stay"

    High-waisted jeans replacing low-rise jeans was the best thing to ever happen.

    Many 2000s fashion trends are slowly but surely coming back and mixed with newer trends, there are tons of styles that are all the rage right now. I don't typically pay much attention to fashion but when I do, I love focusing on what's trending and how people are styling old trends.

    Clearly, that means that I am by no means a fashion expert. I just know which trends I thoroughly enjoy and which ones I wouldn't mind we all forget about.

    Moira Rose from "Schitt's Creek" saying "I know of what I speak"

    So here are 20 fashion trends ranked by how much I wouldn't mind if they went away forever.

    20. Low-rise jeans could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn't even notice because I have never (and would never) eagerly run to the mall to buy a pair of these jeans.

    Christina Aguilera wearing low-rise jeans during "8 Mile" premiere

    19. Sneaker wedges make me physically cringe when I look at pictures of them.

    A person wearing sneaker wedges

    18. For some reason, I hated seeing any variation of tiny sunglasses and they could see the exit right now!

    Rihanna attends the "Okja" screening during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals

    I just don't get the appeal! Please feel free to explain it to me in the comments but I probably still won't change my mind even then.

    Kendall Jenner and Camila Cabello wearing small sunglass

    17. Micro bags have universally no space to store anything and are pretty useless, which is why I wouldn't care at all if they went away for good.

    Lizzo holding a tiny purse

    Here's a closer look of the microscopic bag just so you don't have to put your glasses on to see it:

    Lizzo's tiny purse

    16. Faux leather leggings were pretty popular back in 2016 for reasons I can't understand and I firmly believe they should stay a thing of the past.

    Faux leather leggings with lines on them

    15. Zebra print jeans (or zebra print in general) were kind of cute at first, but they've definitely been overdone and I wouldn't care if they disappeared.

    14. TBH, patchwork jeans were cute at first but they quickly lost their appeal. I wouldn't mind if everyone collectively left these in the past.

    Claire Rose Cliteur wears sunglasses, a blue tie-and-dye top, and blue patchwork flare jeans

    If the seams weren't as messy, then maybe. But I guess it also just all depends on the pair you get.

    Patchwork jeans

    13. Denim on denim. Double denim. Whatever you want to call it, it could go. This look was never my favorite and I wouldn't mind it fading out.

    Heidi Klum wearing double denim

    12. Cowboy boots are slowly creeping their way back and I don't understand why. I wouldn't mind if this trend left as quickly as it came.

    Hailey Baldwin wearing baggy pants and cowboy boots

    11. Sweater vests remind me way too much of my old high school uniform and maybe that's why I don't get the hype of them.

    10. Tie-dye is fun to make and looks cute. It's as simple as that. What's not to love?

    ASAP Rocky is seen wearing batik T-shirt outside Loewe during Paris Fashion Week

    9. Doc Martens are such a staple shoe. I don't ever see them going out of style and if they did, I'd be super sad to see them go!

    A person wearing Doc Martens

    They just make anyone wearing them look so cool! These can never go out of style.

    Willow Smith attends Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show

    8. Air Force Ones are super popular and there's clearly a reason for that. They're cute, classic, and comfortable; you can't lose when wearing them!

    Air Force 1

    7. I'm currently really into bucket hats and would love to see them stay around for a long, long time!

    Ciara wearing a bucket hat

    They come in many colors with tons of patterns and can be very stylish with little effort. There’s something for everyone!

    Billie Eilish; Tyler, the Creator; and Jesy Nelson all wearing bucket hats

    6. Biker shorts are supercomfortable and easy to pair things with, which is why, no matter how much hate they get, I'll wear them forever!

    Winnie Harlow, a model, and Lucy Hale wearing biker shorts

    They can work for casual events like walking your dog, grocery shopping, or even working from home.

    Addison Rae walking and wearing biker shorts

    Or even on the red carpet!

    YouTuber Adelaine Morin on a red carpet wearing biker shorts

    5. Crocs are definitely on the rise again and I couldn't be more excited that these comfy clogs are back! I would surely hate to see these go out of style (again).

    A wall of pastel crocs

    They're even personally responsible for bringing back the love of shoe charms and I love it! Bring on the Jibbitz!

    A woman wearing crocs with Jibbitz

    4. Mom jeans have definitely made their way back into the "in crowd," and I'm glad because that's precisely where they belong!

    Selena Gomez walking in New York wearing mom jeans

    3. Activewear/athleisure is not going anywhere anytime soon and I'm not mad about that.

    Kylie Jenner

    2. Platform sneakers have been in and out of trend for a while but they definitely deserve to stay in trend!

    White platform sneakers

    And before people say, "Well didn't you just rank sneaker wedges super low?" yes, I did because sneaker wedges and platform sneakers are two veryyyyyy different things!

    J.Lo wearing sneaker wedges and Ariana Grande wearing platform sneakers

    1. And finally, number one on the list (as it should be) are high-waisted jeans. They're truly a gift from the heavens above and I think I'll actually cry if this trend ever fades out.

    Gigi Hadid walking and wearing high-waisted jeans

    There you have it! Was I spot-on with my ranking or do you disagree with literally every single word I typed? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!