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Piers Morgan Insulted India's Olympic Performance And Indian Twitter Unleashed Its Full Savagery


Meet Piers Morgan – British journalist, television personality, and full-time professional Twitter troll.

Mike Windle / Getty Images

And in his capacity as Twitter's resident shit-stirrer, Morgan set his sights on India earlier today, with this really douchey tweet about our Olympics medal tally.

Twitter: @piersmorgan

Incidentally, the conversation actually came up while he was busy trolling the country of Wales about their football team.

While it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone, users collectively shook their heads because they knew exactly what was coming next...

A systematic taking apart of Morgan's entire existence, courtesy Indian Twitter.

From his place of birth... his favourite football club.

Twitter: @secondofhername

Sorry, Arsenal fans.

And it doesn't look like the trolling is about to stop anytime soon.

You can't mess with everyone, Piers.

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