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This Teacher From An Indian Village Will Have His Class Read Out Any Message You Want For $5

What could possibly go wrong?

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Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can hire or offer professional services for a fee.

A couple of months ago, an Indian user, Quazihaque, posted a gig listing in which he offered to have his tuition students read out any message you want for $5.

Enter Penor Cut Enterprises, who decided to avail of this offer by making the kids recite politically incorrect internet catchphrases.

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Three weeks ago, the first video of the class went up on YouTube, showing them recite the inappropriate 4chan slogan "OP is a faggot".

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The short clip went massively viral and has over a million hits as of now.

A week later, the same bunch of kids were back with another crass slogan, "I’m not gay, but $20 is $20".

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And this week's video has them reciting the Chris Brown lyric "These hoes ain't loyal".

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The internet is yet to reach a consensus on these videos, with some being outraged at their tastelessness.

While others have seen some humour in it.

Mostly, though, it has just reaffirmed that age-old saying, "The internet is a weird, weird place".

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