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Fans Are Asking SRK To Play FIFA With AIB After Their Sad Story About How He Curved Them Years Ago

Make this happen.

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The comedians of All India Bakchod have made their respect for Shah Rukh Khan known whenever they can, having worked with him multiple times over the years.


But the relationship hasn't always been a two-way street, as they made evident while narrating a hurtful incident that happened many years ago:

All India Bakchod

Unfortunately, the call never came.

All India Bakchod

Well, they finally got invited to his house again, this time to do a podcast with him. And they made sure that the first question they asked him was about his betrayal all those years ago...

All India Bakchod

They didn't get a real answer, but they did manage to get laughed at for thinking that they would actually get a FIFA night with him.

All India Bakchod

Before signing out, Bhat made a passionate plea to all his viewers and asked them to help FIFA with SRK become a reality.

All India Bakchod

And sure enough, fans have delivered:

Play fifa with AIB @AllIndiaBakchod @iamsrk

@iamsrk I think you should play FIFA with AIB 😎@AllIndiaBakchod

All day, Khan has been bombarded with tweets asking him to finally invite the AIB boys over to play on his PS.

The @AllIndiaBakchod podcast with @iamsrk is beyond hilarious. Cannot wait for part 2! Also SRK, play FIFA with AIB? 😝

And until he makes it a reality, it doesn't look like the requests will stop.

Come on, SRK. #PlayFIFAwithAIB

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