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13 Savage And Hilarious Moments From The AIB Podcast With SRK

Political correctness aside, he genuinely believes he is sexy, cool, good-looking and intellectually smart.

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1. When he had zero pity for Tanmay and Rohan who expected an invite back to his house for some male bonding time.

2. When he went out of the way to be politically correct.

3. When he had this existential crisis brought on by tabloids and news reports.

4. When he had the best response to trolls and haters.

5. When he did not really care for humility even while being a Meryl Streep fanboy.

6. When he had to think twice even before saying anything about his own son.

7. When he proved modesty to be his greatest strength.

8. When he laughed in the face of AIB's Roast controversy to make himself feel better.

9. When he explained why he doesn't do certain kinds of ads.

10. When he explained that his biggest cheap thrill is to mess with people who direct him while doing advertisements.

11. When he was asked about how it felt to steal the spotlight away from the couple when performing at weddings.

12. When he was Dad AF about Juicy Couture sweatpants.

13. And when he recalled what it was like to perform as a younger, lesser-known star.

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