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Here Are All The Scenes That The Censor Board Has Edited From "Deadpool" In India

F*ck this sh*t.

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Deadpool is the foul-mouthed anti-hero whose expletive-laden comebacks have helped him gain a cult following around the world, and the feature film starring Ryan Reynolds just released in India this weekend.

And along with the film, the list of all the edits made by the Indian Censor Board has also been made public.

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Among other edits, they’ve muted the words “balls”, “testicles”, and the phrase “touching myself”.

Here's a complete list of all the edits:

"1. Muted the words 'asshole', 'mother fucker', 'balls', 'blowjob', 'touching myself', '24 ball gags', 'vagina', 'bitch', 'dick', 'suck the cock', 'testicles', 'dildo' wherever it occurs.

2. In visuals of car chase fighting: Deleted the visuals of bullet hitting three people and splitting of their head (Replaced with visuals of man).

3. In the visual of violent love making scene: Delete all nudity, jerking of bodies, double meaning dialogues (Replaced with man and woman).

4. Deleted the visuals of hand cutting and gushing of blood (Replaced with visuals of man).

5. Deleted the visuals of lady in poster touching her private part (Replaced with visuals of man and woman).

6. Deleted the visuals of bare bodies in the strip tease club (Replaces with visuals of man and woman).

7. In climax fighting: Deleted the visuals of blood shots and all the gory shot (Replaced with visuals of man and woman)."

Basically, they've edited out the essence of what makes Deadpool, Deadpool.