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Azealia Banks Called Zayn A "Curry Scented Bitch" And Twitter's Desi Women SHUT. IT. DOWN

Never mess with a desi.

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Women started posting pictures of themselves under the hashtag #CurryScentedBitch to counter Banks's use of the term.

Wait @azealiabanks who you calling a #curryscentedbitch again?

Why wouldn't you want to be a #CURRYSCENTEDBITCH

the badde$$t #curryscentedbitch @ ur service ☕️

She says #curryscentedbitch like its a bad thing. 💅🏽 Girl bye 🇧🇩🇮🇳🇵🇰


just wanna apologize in advance for filling ur timeline with ridiculously beautiful women #curryscentedbitch


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