Meet The Comedian Thousands Of Indians Accidentally Followed On Twitter After The Coldplay Concert

    “I now feel an obligation to start tweeting Indian-specific tweets. Anything too British will mean I lose my new crew,” Chris Martin told BuzzFeed. No, not THAT Chris Martin.

    If Coldplay's Chris Martin wasn't popular in India before his band's show-stopping performance over the weekend, he definitely is now.

    The fact that Martin had gained new admirers was reiterated by the fact that thousands of Indians rushed to Twitter to start following him right after the event wrapped up.

    Unfortunately, there was one tiny hitch in their plan – Chris Martin doesn't actually have a Twitter account of his own.

    But far be it from details like that to stop Indian fans, because all of them blindly started following the first white dude they found.

    To the 500 Indian followers I gained in the last day I'm not in Coldplay. I'm sure Chris was great in Mumbai but I can't pass on the message

    Meet Chris Martin – comedian, podcaster, and NOT one of the biggest rock stars in the world.

    "I did a gig in Coventry to about 200 people that night. It went well so when I got a couple of new followers I thought, that makes sense. When I got 500 followers all from India, I thought, that’s strange," Martin told BuzzFeed.

    Once Martin realised what had triggered his barrage of notifications, he decided to steer into the skid by embracing his newfound following with all his heart.

    "I assume I might have had a couple of Indian fans before. I now feel an obligation to start tweeting Indian-specific tweets. Anything too British will mean I lose my new crew."

    .@ChrisMcomedy Now got a 1000 more followers, but compared to Indian population that's only 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000.1 % of you

    In the midst of all the ruckus, Martin has also been trying to leverage his accidental clout by pimping his stand-up...

    Might as well cash in on this New Indian followers if I do a comedy show in India will any of you come? Clip here

    ...and trying to score tickets for the next India–England test match.

    .@ChrisMcomedy Hi @sachin_rt as we're now great mates and I've got loads of new Indian fans. You got any tickets for the next test going?

    The hilarious misunderstanding, and Martin's equally amusing response, has meant that he's actually got quite a few genuine Indian fans now.

    Although you can't impress everyone, evidently.

    Now I'm getting bloody trolled in India by the politest person ever. Thanks BUDDY!

    "I love anything done by someone with my name. Coldplay, the New Zealand fast bowler, and the centre forward who plays for Fulham," Martin responded when asked if he was a fan of his much more popular namesake.

    Again, for future reference, Coldplay's Chris Martin is NOT on Twitter.

    Just another day on the Indian internet, folks.