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17 Hilarious Tweets From Indians About The U.S. Presidential Debate

"Weird for Indian viewers this - a TV debate with the anchor barely getting a word in."

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Even though it was super early in the morning for us, a lot of Indians woke up to watch the first debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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While a lot of them have been following one of the world's most important elections earnestly, some saw the lighter side of things:


**Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump begins** WELCOME EVERYONE TO THE COMEDY CENTRAL ROAST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE


Weird for Indian viewers this - a TV debate with the anchor barely getting a word in #debatenight


I slept through this debate because if I'm going to wake up for something at 6 am, DiCaprio had better fucking win at the end of it


"Other nations should be paying us for security" Donald Trump has either suggested hafta collection or USA as Pvt security company.


Jo log India mein shaam 5 baje bhi vote dene nahin jaate, wo subah 6 baje uth ke US ka election debate dekh rahe they.


If Arnab Goswami had co-ordinating the debate, he would have talked all the way and had won the presidential elections #PresidentialDebate



me (stepping out of the house wearing my i watched the us presidential debate look): bhaiyya saki vihar road?


Please check Trump's podium I am sure he is quoting from a family whatsapp group.


Feeling much better about a Modi-Nitish-Rahul fight in 2019 now. Aise to nahin hain wo....


America has some News channels that will fact check the presidential debate LIVE. Here the News does the debate & we have to check the facts


Y'all know Hillary's a mum because of the way she's dealing with the belligerent 2 year old.


Hillary created ISIS. Hillary fought ISIS her entire adult life. How very Kunti and Karna-esque this all is.


Arnab hosting the #debates would have been so much fun 1 min of Hillary taking 5 mins of Trump interrupting her 84 mins of arnab yelling


Donald Trump here is like Chetan Bhagat, his supporters who've never watched a news channel evr in thr life, r watching it now #debatenight


Maid: madam aaj main kaa- Me: [breaking down] i haven't... [sobbing uncontrollably] watched the presidential #debate