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We Tried Different Celeb Workout Clothes To See Which Ones Actually Worked

Sure, the outfits may look cute, but can they can they actually withstand a workout?

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Celebs seem to like putting out their own athletic apparel lines almost as much as they like being celebs. But are any of these clothing lines ~*~*actual stars~*~*~, or are they just regular workout clothes with fancy names on them? The women of Ladylike decided to find out:

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Next, we had our friend Jordan lead us through a workout in order to see how well these clothes handle ~pressure~ and wick away sweat:


When used as directed, pants generally should not fall down, so the Carrie Underwood pants were a little disappointing.


After the end of the workout test, the Jillian Michaels clothes were still holding it down:

Jeffrey Mayer / Getty Images; Kevin Mazur / Getty Images; Jerod Harris / Getty Images; Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images
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