We Tried Different Celeb Workout Clothes To See Which Ones Actually Worked

    Sure, the outfits may look cute, but can they can they actually withstand a workout?

    Celebs seem to like putting out their own athletic apparel lines almost as much as they like being celebs. But are any of these clothing lines ~*~*actual stars~*~*~, or are they just regular workout clothes with fancy names on them? The women of Ladylike decided to find out:

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    Candace tried out Ivy Park by Beyoncé:

    Freddie put Impact by Jillian Michaels to the test:

    Kristin sported Calia by Carrie Underwood:

    And Safiya worked out in Kate Hudson's Fabletics:

    First, we tested to see how well the bras could handle our bouncing boobs, and Freddie did a cartwheel because she is a show-off:

    Kristin felt like her Carrie Underwood bra needed to come with a bigger seatbelt:

    But Candace was very optimistic about Beyoncé's Ivy Park, so far:

    After a round of bouncing, Carrie Underwood and Kate Hudson rounded out the bottom two:

    And Beyoncé and Jillian Michaels were coming up on top:

    Next, we had our friend Jordan lead us through a workout in order to see how well these clothes handle ~pressure~ and wick away sweat:

    We, uh, did not like this test so much.

    Safiya was beginning to question why she was wearing a sports bra with an open back at all:

    And the crotch on the Ivy Park pants ended up being SUPER HOT and sweaty:

    After the end of the workout test, the Jillian Michaels clothes were still holding it down:

    Finally, we tested our clothes to see how well they held up during some rooftop yoga:

    Despite Saf's concerns over the looseness of the Kate Hudson top, it didn't hit her in the face during any of the yoga:

    And even though Freddie had been enthusiastic about her Jillian Michaels gear all day, it didn't quuuiiittte hold up in a yoga situation:

    In the end, while all the workout gear had pros and cons...

    ...Jillian Michaels' workout gear came out on top!

    Do you have celeb whose workout clothes you swear by? Let us know in the comments!