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Who Have You Come Out To So Far?

Assuming you were ever in the closet to begin with. Inspired by this post.

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  1. AP/Dmitry Lovetsky
    I've come out to myself.
    Check the person I was dating at the time.
    Check the person I was sleeping with at the time.
    Check my parents.
    Check my grandparents.
    Check my siblings.
    Check my best friends.
    Check my close friends.
    Check friends I hang out with now and then.
    Check old friends from school.
    Check my parents' friends.
    Check people at church, synagogue, temple, mosque, etc.
    Check Facebook friends.
    Check Tumblr followers.
    Check Twitter followers.
    Check the person I went to prom with (or want to go with.)
    Check coworkers I consider friends.
    Check my boss.
    Check all of my coworkers.
    Check coworkers at my new job.
    Check the real estate agent who asks if my partner is my "roommate."
    Check my new roommates.
    Check last person of the opposite sex who hit on me.
    Check every person I hit on.
    Check every person I hit on when I'm drunk.
    Check every person who assumes I'm gay, not bisexual.
    Check my doctor.
    Check my therapist.
    Check the healthcare professional giving me a STD test.
    Check the little kid who just asked me why I'm kissing the person I'm dating.
    Check the little who keeps asking why I don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
    Check my new neighbors.
    Check surveys and forms that ask about marital status.
    Check my classmates.
    Check my women's studies or queer's studies professor.
    Check all of my professors regardless of the course subject.
    Check my exes if I happen to run into them.
    Check my coach.
    Check my close friends on the team.
    Check all of my teammates.
    Check my chatty hair stylist or barber.
    Check my former bosses if I happen to see them.
    Check the person who just made a gay joke in front of me.
    Check the person who just said something homophobic in front of me.
    Check the person who just asked me I plan on getting married soon.
    Check the person who just asked me I plan on having kids.
    Check the person handling my adoption paperwork.
    Check people who ask if I have boyfriend or girlfriend.
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