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    15 Ways BuzzFeed Will Miss Gordon Mei

    After 18 months and countless projects, (such as the BuzzFeed News iOS app and the coming QuizApp), Senior Product Designer Gordon Mei has decided to leave BuzzFeed and pursue freelance work. We’re sad to see him go, but can’t wait to see what he does next!

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    1. I’m really going to miss Gordon's A+ placeholder content game (Buzz Aldrin/Lightyear? Genius.)

    Also his passion for design, to the point I have to make him to take vacation to stop working! Unlike us mere mortals, Gordon doesn't need sleep. Hope you enjoy a little R&R before getting back into the swing of things! — SABRINA MAJEED

    2. Already Miss U Gordo

    Via Giphy

    Gordon, after you leave, there will be no one around to call me “Em” or “Ems” anymore. And yeah, that was my favorite nickname (whether or not it was a CSS joke stands to be known). But seriously, I’m so bummed out and will try to cope without having you around. You have done so much amazing work, even in the short time we worked together. GO FORTH with your future adventures, I’m so excited for you (and will try to get over my sadness in the meantime). – EMILY BRICK

    3. Our Artboards will never be the same

    The attention and detail payed to ridiculous naming schemes only begins to convey the focus Gordon put into the rest of his designs. We’ll miss you and your work Gordon! – MARK SHUSTER

    4. I’ll miss having a soup-loving lunch buddy, no matter the weather.

    Giphy / Via

    Gordon’s hyper-detailed design specs set #teamnewsapp up for a great start, but that’s not what I’ll miss most – it’s his gentle, soft-spoken nature and love for soup that is so endearing! – CAITLIN OSBAHR

    5. Let’s not forget, Gordon gave us The Gradient!

    Since its inception, it has permeated throughout the BuzzFeed product family. But it was our dear Gordon who first concocted this beautiful specimen of color. During visual refresh rounds for the iOS core app, Gordon casually threw a mock up on Basecamp. It had this gradient placed as the background for the nav menu. PEOPLE WENT NUTS! And here we are, over a year later, still using it in many different ways. Gordon, we will miss your attention to detail and your ingenuity, and we wish you all the best! – ALLISON CHEFEC

    6. Gordon always has a more monumental plan in mind

    Goodbye and Good luck! – JAC YUE

    7. Gordon’s affection for all things Mailchimp

    Imgur / Via

    Thanks for everything, Gordon! We’re all gonna miss you lots. – CAP WATKINS

    8. Juice run for realsies today? Now now now?

    Giphy / Via

    You’ve been such a joy to work with Gordon. You never cease to amaze me with the talent, skill, dedication, and your affinity for juice runs. I will miss you dearly. Who will I get juice runs with now? – MILLIE TRAN

    9. 😐


    10. Lets not talk about this moment.

    Good luck Gordon! Wish you many success on your new venture! You’re wildly talented dude, it was an honor to work with you. – HAMMED KOHISTANI

    11. Who will I go to fussy graphic design talks with?

    Sarah Lawrence / Via

    Whenever I get the urge to attend a nerdy talk at Cooper Union, SVA or Parsons, I know Gordon’s always down for the +1. In fact, he might be the only living person that humors me when I start talking about letterforms and active white space. I’m going to miss that, but happy to be his +1 any time! – JOHN NIEDERMEYER

    12. I’ll miss the back and forth.

    Conversations with Gordon always leave me feeling energized and peaceful at the same time. I’ll miss our pleasant exchanges about design and humans. – ELAINE DUNLAP

    13. And now his watch is ended.

    Actually, it’s just beginning. Can’t wait to see what amazing work you do after BuzzFeed, Gordon. Since I met you, I’ve aspired to have your level of appreciation, care and meticulous attention to detail. You’re also just a rockstar to be around. See you later, never goodbye. #forthewatch – AARON EDWARDS

    14. Thanks for all the questions

    Your queries about our feedback and requests were always so appreciated because it made me feel like you were truly trying to understand us and our goals. It was one of the true joys of working with you. You will be missed. – LAURA DAVIS

    15. Gone to soon

    Giphy / Via

    I wish I had been able to work with you more on #teamnewsapp. Thank you for your incredible attention to detail, patience and insane work ethic. We are losing an amazing talent and to say you will be missed is a huge understatement. Thanks for everything! – BRIANNA SACKS

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