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This French Policeman Burst Into Tears In His Colleague’s Arms

"The moment lasted around five seconds before they left the place."

David Perrotin 3 years ago

15 Ways BuzzFeed Will Miss Gordon Mei

After 18 months and countless projects, (such as the BuzzFeed News iOS app and the coming QuizApp), Senior Product Designer Gordon Mei has decided to leave BuzzFeed and pursue freelance work. We’re sad to see him go, but can’t wait to see what he does next!

Sabrina Majeed 3 years ago

Minimum Delightful To Maximum Impact: What Testing Via Email Taught Us About News Apps

In an earlier post, I wrote about what we learned from prototyping the BuzzFeed News newsletter in public. This post shares more of what we’ve learned and how we’ve applied those lessons to the forthcoming app.

Millie Tran 4 years ago

What Does "Asian-Pacific American" Mean To You?

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month begins on May 1 in America. Here are some APA BuzzFeed staffers talking about what being "Asian-Pacific American" means to them.

Matt Ortile 4 years ago

Four Lessons We Learned And Four Questions We’re Trying To Answer

With our public-but-highly selective beta launch imminent, the editorial team on #teamnewsapp is sharing what we’ve learned so far, what we’re continuing to experiment with, and what we’re still trying to figure out.

Millie Tran 4 years ago

What We Learned From A Week Of Prototyping A Newsletter In Public

It's scary to release an unfinished product! But "doing it live" made our newsletter so much better in big and small ways.

Millie Tran 4 years ago

Argentina's President Accused By Prosecutor Of Covering Up Blame For Terror Attack

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was accused by a federal prosecutor of hiding Iran's role in a 1994 Buenos Aires terror attack that killed 85 people.

Tom Namako 4 years ago