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What Does "Asian-Pacific American" Mean To You?

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month begins on May 1 in America. Here are some APA BuzzFeed staffers talking about what being "Asian-Pacific American" means to them.

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Cathy Ngo

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

"ABC = American-born Chinese. When I was younger, I used to be ashamed of being Asian. As I got older, I realized my culture should be celebrated and cherished."

Krutika Mallikarjuna

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

"Being Indian-American means loving my culture and having the resources to add to it. #ThirdCultureKids"

Stephanie Lee

Millie Tran / Via BuzzFeed

"The beauty of the fact that there is no singular 'Asian-American experience.'"

Bryant Hua

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

"I'm more than just another name."

Ahmed Ali Akbar

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

"I am Pakistani-American and have always fought to say that I am an American and am not Arab. My family has Pakistani, Malaysian, Japanese, white, Korean, and more members.

APA means all the things I choose for myself, a loving and diverse family, friends, and food!"

Millie Tran

Millie Tran / Via BuzzFeed

"Strong-ass women!"

Arabelle Sicardi

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

"Being Taiwanese-American means I have multiple homes, multiple languages, multiple histories. Realistically, it means I'm always drifting somewhere in between. Diaspora is heartache."

Will Varner

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

"Being Hapa-A.P.A. means belonging nowhere and everywhere!"

Shannon Rosenberg

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

"Hawaiian + Chinese + Japanese which means I have an enormous, loving, and supportive family that makes ono kine grindz!"

Natasha Umer

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

"Good food! Give me extra spice, bitch!"

Nicole Nguyen

Millie Tran / Via BuzzFeed

"Bánh cuốn is my comfort food."

Matt Ortile

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

"I'm a Filipino-American immigrant. I've had to build friendships and families in a lot of places, so I know a lot of places I can call home."

How about you? Submit photos with #WhatAPAMeansToMe in the comments and you could be featured in a a BuzzFeed post for APA Heritage Month!

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