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16 Ways Celebrities' Parents Are Just Like Yours

Their kids are scarred for life by them, too!

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Well, lucky for you, we did a little investigation, girls!

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And from the tea we were served, it doesn't look like there's a difference. But to make you feel better, we still kept the receipts on how they're similar to your parents.


2. They post random quotes and memes on social media.

Ms. Tina even got Kris Jenner's name wrong in an Insta post. TWICE.

3. They'll try to wear their kids' clothes.

The bitch may have stolen your look, but she also gave birth to you, so is it that huge of an issue?

4. They use PDA with their kids in public (skip to 3:30).

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Odds are, that's more PDA than you'll have in your life anyway, so take it while you can!


6. They send ~helpful~ emails.

My dad just emailed me a recipe for meatloaf cupcakes with no explanation

It might throw you off, but don't say you didn't save that recipe for later, sweetie. (:

7. They make horrible puns.

Put this and the others in a special mom museum somewhere.

8. Sometimes, they bring up your embarrassments.

mom just reminded me I used to pay 10 tickets at the school carnival to sit in a jail cell. I was an idiot

RIP your ability to repress ugly memories: birth of you - literally the first time you did something embarrassing.


9. Occasionally, they'll have a public breakdown or two.

My dad just cursed a whale out for splashing him at sea world! This ninja is mad for real!!! He said "What's that whales fucking problem"

For Kevin's dad it was Shammoo, your dad probably screamed at the ground beef being $.02 higher.

10. Of course they'll yell.

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Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe? Dragged.

12. They take selfies.

Tim Cook and co. didn't break their backs for these iconique iPhone cameras for y'all to take an overly zoomed-in photo.


13. Despite often making less money than them, they make sure their kids know who's in charge.

These are millionnaires. Y'all are broke; you better let your mama tell you what's up.

14. They also have a wine obsession.

Mama Joyce doesn't need wine's help to read #RHOA

"Quitting 'wine-ing' about my love of moscato." - yours and Kandi Burress' mom.

15. They'll give them...interesting gifts during the holidays.

Ed Sheeran's facial expression when he got this was the same as yours only with the ability to go out and buy himself another gift.

16. They're not always on the same brainwave as everyone else...

We asked the same thing about his mullet and the cargo shorts your dad refuses to throw away.

...but they do know how to laugh at themselves.

Oh my gosh ...#whattoheck is trending !!! I el toma loco hot coco !!!