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    36 Times Seth Rogen's Mom Was Twitter Goals

    She's like your mom, only better.

    We've discussed this before, but Sandy Rogen still has the best Twitter ever. Much like a fine wine or a fancy cheese, it has actually gotten better with time.

    1. She was super clumsy and started singing Danza Kuduro.

    I tripped while crossing over a rope gate and fell on my bum right on the bulbous end of the pole holding the rope ..oy oy oy !

    2. She was just really appreciative of the little things.

    It's good to have your cell phone with you in the bathroom when the light goes out ! Love my flash light

    3. She was an innovator.

    Button hole on napkin !!!!! Is it for buttoning to your shirt?

    4. She made us feel like we weren't alone.

    Did you ever feel like in the past 10 minutes your body bloated up and you gained 15 pounds?

    5. She really called out Global Warming.

    It's warmer in Juneau than Vancouver!!!!! What's that about, global warming?

    6. She discovered her passion for Tokyo public bathrooms.

    I just love the public bathrooms in Japan!

    And discovered that her love applied to outhouses as well.

    Outhouse in Japan. I used it. It has a handle!

    And got nostalgic that her love affair was coming to an end.

    7. She said what we were all thinking.

    8. She just wasn't on her game.

    Don't you love it, when you go to the gym, and you go to the bathroom, and you see your underwear is on backwards?

    9. She was a stylish bada$$.

    10. She got her son's face tattooed on her boob.

    And continued to update us on its status.

    It's a sad day when the fake tattoo of your son is fading!

    11. She knew what was important.

    Made it. With the peanut butter in my checked luggage.

    12. She was really excited about her religion.

    13. She told it like it is.

    14. She was the most relatable person to ever live.

    Suzanne Cordeiro / AFP / Getty Images

    15. She exposed the world to a true hero.

    Very nice woman told me I had a long piece of toilet paper attached to my bum

    16. She went somewhere no one wanted her to go, especially not Seth.

    If I have sex it should be called granny sex ! Because I am a grandma. I think that's so funny.

    17. She was just a tad clumsy.

    In airport bathroom, put coffee on floor and phone on shelf. Phone fell onto coffee and spilt on floor. Coffee everywhere! I wiped it up .

    18. She asked the question we all wanted to ask.

    So if you are at the gym and your earphones are in, and you fart, does that mean that nobody can hear it?

    19. She didn't understand the sensation that is Hello Kitty.

    20. She didn't feel like a VS Angel.

    Why is it ,in clothes I look good, but in my underwear only , I look really horrible?

    21. She didn't understand the kids and their newfangled style.

    Is there some new style to wear your t- shirt inside out?

    22. She explained why Seth is the way he is.

    Cannabis and yoga ! Vancouver. What else do you need?

    23. She was creative af.

    I made up a new word. I am yogawelmed!

    24. She taught us a valuable lesson.

    New slogan. " no wine before yoga" !

    25. She just wasn't up on the lingo.

    Holy moly followers, or twitterees, or tweetees or what ever you are, hi, and welcome!!

    26. She was feeling inspired.

    I really need a microwave in my car so I can heat up my cold coffee. They should do that!

    27. She wasn't totally clear on how to upload a picture.

    Hahahaha! Inside a new movie theatre in Vancouver!

    28. She was just trying to do the math.

    If you use 30 sunscreen and put 50 over it is it 80?

    29. She appreciated the little things in life.

    There is nothing like new windshield wipers!

    30. She was just wondering.

    What is a Brazilian wax called in Brazil? Just wondering?

    31. She knew the facts and wanted to know if we did too.

    did you know , there are more people in california, than in canada?

    32. She made birthday week into birthday year.

    Omg ! It's my birthday! And I really don't like the number!! But I have been celebrating all year.!

    33. She was just really thirsty.

    34. She bowed down to the queen just like the rest of us.

    Serena Williams is solid muscle! What an athlete! !just beautiful!

    35. She started out classy and then everything just went downhill.

    Had wine and cheese in motel room In Skagway, then tater tots and beer

    36. And she was everyone's mom.

    Good night. !sleep well!! Know that you are loved and lovable! Feel it!

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