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    These Southern Expressions And Phrases Make Us Scratch Our Heads

    WTF is a "sursy"?

    I'm from South Carolina.

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    Home of palmetto trees and barbecue.

    And if there’s one thing that I know about it and most Southerners, it’s that we say a lot of weird shit.

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    It’s not like it’s a bad thing, it just doesn’t make sense.

    So I got to thinking...

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    Which Southern phrases make NO sense?

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    This is an investigation for the FBI, but I'll have to do.


    Alinamd / Getty Images

    What is a tarnation? I'm in tarnation trying to figure out what tarnation means.


    Alinamd / Getty Images

    If our friends are in low places, then why do we want them as resources? I'm trying to get an internship, Tammy. I don't want Mr. Low Place mucking it up with his shady business.


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    This isn't that hard to get, but we should actually call it "easy money for the car wash."


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    I thought this was Dory's (of Finding Nemo fame) hot older brother.


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    How did we get to this point of the creek without a paddle?


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    That sounds like a painful sex position.


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    Do I even have to explain the weirdness of this one?


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    It was even stranger when someone told you they were going to give you "birthday licks."


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    Is a "yonder" measured in the English or metric system?


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    I've never met a sick pupper in my life; they're always so happy and energetic. Where are these sick dogs and how can I help you.


    Alinamd / Getty Images

    This one kinda makes sense, but only because "gussy" sounds like a fancy goose who frequents between Niagara Falls and wine country for vacation.


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    I mean, if someone took my traveling fancy goose, I'd be pissed off, too.


    Alinamd / Getty Images

    This words looks crooked, so I guess it makes sense?


    Alinamd / Getty Images

    Where are these cows going? The moo-seum?


    Alinamd / Getty Images

    How can something so nice be such a drag?

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