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    9 Flea Shampoos For Dogs That'll Leave Them Barking With Joy

    Get ready for the ultimate bathtime treat that'll leave your pooch with soothed skin — and flea-free fur.

    1. A flea shampoo for dogs to paw-tect and de-flea your furry pal. It also incorporates essential oils to help add a nice shine to your pup's coat.

    Reviewer image of orange shampoo bottle next to white dog in bathtub

    2. An oatmeal flea shampoo for pups with sensitive skin. The soothing oatmeal formula won't be ruff on your pet — and will help kill those pesky fleas.

    3. A flea shampoo that's safe for puppies — so your doggo can finally ditch the itch. This strong treatment aims to kill fleas right on contact, leaving them with pest-free fur.

    Product image of white and green bottle that reads "Advantage treatment shampoo for dogs and puppies"

    4. A medicated dog shampoo sure to have have you cheering (or gagging) as you watch the fleas slip down the drain.

    5. A conditioning flea shampoo to keep them bug-free and looking like they just stepped out of the groomers. The formula also contains oatmeal, so it's also sensitive-skin-friendly.

    Product image of white bottle that reads "Zodiac oatmeal conditioning shampoo for dogs and puppies"

    6. A Natural Chemistry pet shampoo made with ingredients that won't require you to wear gloves while you lather it on. You may even end up scratching your head in wonderment over how well it works.

    Product image of cream bottle that reads "De Flea pet shampoo"

    7. A waterless shampoo that will help avoid the dreaded after-bath water shake. No rinsing off required — just apply it to their fur and you should be good to go.

    8. A Well & Good flea shampoo to keep your pet's fur from buggin' out. With the help of all-natural ingredients, this formula will help soothe their skin while adding a softer feel to their coat.

    9. An organic flea shampoo for dogs that delivers tail-wagging results. The ingredients were also made with sensitive skin in mind to gently rid your dog's coat of fleas and ticks.

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